EdSim Challenge Announced Osso VR as the Winner of the Competition

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EdSim Challenge Announced Osso VR as the Winner of the Competition

EdSim Challenge recently announced Osso VR as the winner of the EdSim Challenge. Osso VR comes up with the hands-on surgical training platform to win this competition. With this solution, users particularly healthcare professionals able to practise cutting edge techniques through realistic, hands-on simulations.

Osso VR win EdSim Challenge

Apart from winning this challenge, Osso VR is actually a company focusing on the surgical training platform which is designed for surgeons, sales team and hospital staffs. Their product offers highly realistic hand-based interactions in an immersive training environment. The environment contains the cutting-edge procedures and devices ready to be used by the users. At this moment, the team is focusing on orthopedic and spine therapies but will expanding to other areas soon.

Doctor using Osso VR
About EdSim Challenge…

EdSim Challenge is introduced by the U.S. Department of Education to seek the latest and next-generation educational simulations that is so immersive and engaging that can strengthen the academic, technical and employability skills. To be more specific, the main purpose is to stimulate the marketplace for the VR and AR educational experiences with the skill-building content, embedded assessment, clearly defined learning goals and build diverse skill sets. Easily said, they also want to help building the future of virtual reality, gaming and ed tech. What a noble intention you have there, guys!

Surgical Training using Osso VR

Beside “Osso VR“, the other four finalists for the EdSim Challenge are “LifeCraft“, “Embodied Labs“, “The Irregular: A Mystery at Baker Street” and “Holographic Applications to Transform Learning“. These top five finalists are selected from the 249 submissions received by the organizer. That’s quite a huge numbers to go thru. Wheewww….

So, what does Osso VR get from being the winner? Well, they received a whooping $430,000 in cash and other in-kind prizes from IBM and Microsoft. Wow!! Congratulations to the Osso VR team for this success. It is really a good and wonderful news for the virtual reality community worlwide. For more information, you can visit:
1) “Announcing the EdSim Challenge Winner” from EdSim Blog.
2) The Official Website of Osso VR.
3) The Official Website of EdSim Challenge.


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