Education Product for Quest Devices This Year

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Education Product for Quest Devices This Year

Education Product for Quest Devices

There is a plan from Meta to release a new education product for Quest devices sometime this year. It will be some sort like Meta Quest for Business, but this one is tailored towards education industry.

This product will allow academic staffs like teachers, trainers and administrators to access a range of apps and features related with education. This capability will make it easier for the students to learn, apply and practice new skills and also experience things especially those that seems impossible.

Furthermore, this product will also allow them to manage multiple Quest devices at once. So, there will be no need to perform the update or preparation on each of the device individually. This kind of feature will save a great deal of time for both teachers and students.

To create this product, it involves a lot of consultation and collaboration among the educators, researchers and developers around the world that work in education space.

At this moment, we don’t have any idea what they will call it. From what we read, the product’s name and features will be announced in the coming months. For more info, you can read it at:

  1. New Education Product for Quest Devices Will Help Teachers Bring Subjects to Life in New Ways” from Meta Newsroom.

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