Experiential Learning of History Subject by Immersive VR Education

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Experiential Learning of History Subject by Immersive VR Education

Titanic VR Experiential Learning

As far as we can remember, History subject is perhaps one of the subjects that some (or most) of the students considered as a boring and uninteresting subject. Perhaps, to make the subject more interesting and exciting is by experiencing the historical event themselves. This experiential learning might be possible with VR solution.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is the process to learn by doing it and then reflect on it. It is something like doing an experiment and then evaluating the experience after performing it. One of the benefit is that it will be easier for the student to memorize and remember the subjects. For the History subject, it seems there is one Irish company that were able to deliver this kind of experiential learning in VR.

Immersive VR Education is a VR/AR start-up company from Waterford, Ireland. The company delivers the digital education and corporate training via VR technology. The main purpose is to provide an enhanced digital learning via their ENGAGE platform. ENGAGE is a fully immersive learning and presentation platform. With this platform, trainers and educators able to create their own presentations and lessons in virtual reality format.

How they can make “History” subject more interesting?

Their main experiential learning products are “Apollo 11 VR” and “Titanic VR“. For the Apollo 11 VR, it will bring the students to year 1969 and then follow the path of Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon using the Saturn V Rocket. To be specific, the time frame of the event recreation is from 16th July 1969 to 24th July 1969. The duration is 45 minutes.

Apollo 11 VR Experiential Learning

In the VR session, you will be able to take control and fly the command module, land the lunar lander and then explore the surface of the moon. Beside that, you will also able to perform some lunar experiments. Finally, you can experience returning to earth in fiery re-entry. For them, it is a global bestseller because it has been sold for 100,000 copies since it was launched in early 2016. The video below will help you to understand it better…

As for the Titanic VR, it will let the users to explore the shipwreck on the seabed. As part of the activity, you need to complete some missions such as rescuing a lost ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle), placing research equipment, clean and preserve recovered artifacts. Beside that, they also plan to recreate the 1912 event during the sinking of the legendary ship from the survivor’s point of view. You can watch how the experience will looks like below…

With this kind of approach, the students will leave with a deeper understanding of the events which unfolds before their eyes. We recommend the History teacher at schools to try embracing this new way of teaching to their students. For more info, you can read it at:
1) The official website of Immersive VR Education.
2) “Irish VR Tech Company Makes Dual Listing on Stock Markets” from Irish Tech News.
3) “Virtual reality firm in €6.7m IPO” from Irish Examiner.


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