Fox Sports & NextVR Embarking on Watching Games in Virtual Reality

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Fox Sports & NextVR Embarking on Watching Games in Virtual Reality

How do you feel if you can watch your favorite sport games in virtual reality mode? In the latest news, Fox Sports is embarking on running a VR streams from the 116th U.S Open at Oakmont from 16th June to 19th June 2016. It is a five years deal between Fox Sports and NextVR. Not to forget, Lexus also is the main sponsor for this new way of watching the games.

Fox Sports VR

In terms of setup, there will be few cameras stationed at holes 9, 17 and 18. It also has roving coverage capability between neighboring holes 10 and 12. Since most of the viewers will still use television to watch the games, then when is the good times for them to use the VR function?

Well, Fox Sports expect that there will be small group of viewers that will eventually use the virtual reality mode for game recaps, features, narrated contents, highlights of the particular play, footage and certain moments during the live game. The fun part is, it also has the live look-ins at Oakmont’s driving range and golfing tips.

In terms of the user experience, beside being able to attend the game virtually, they might also be able to virtually sit side-by-side with their special one who physically located far, far away and enjoying the moments together. The future of VR looks kinda promising, isn’t it?

Ok, so now, how you can watch the games in virtual reality? You can watch the live VR broadcast of this U.S Open via the NextVR app for free (Cool…). The guide in the NextVR portal specifically provide the instructions for the user of Samsung Gear VR and its compatible phones. Seems that it is still an experimental and learning mode to see how far the sport audiences can embrace the VR technology for better viewing experience. For more info, you can visit:
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2) “Fox Sports, NextVR Drive Virtual Reality Experience at U.S. Open” from Sports Video Group.
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