How to Pick Good Hotel & Vacation? Try VResorts

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How to Pick Good Hotel & Vacation? Try VResorts

Pick Good Hotel with VResorts

Have you experience a situation where when you try to pick good hotel online, but when you reach there, it does not meet your expectation? Maybe the size of the area or space in the actual location is smaller then what you think it is based from the photos that you see online.

Well, perhaps this kind of scenario can be eliminated or minimized after this via the virtual reality solution. Recently, a VR company in Singapore called VResorts introduce Virtual Reality Booking Platform solution. It will allow us to choose our destinations and purchase our vacations in the VR environments.

Pick Good Hotel with Pre-Experience…

The company called it as “Pre-Experience” where they define it as the ability of Virtual Reality to immerse you in researching your next holiday. So, you can experience it before you book. Maybe something like a teaser. That’s a cool concept and sounds promising.

According to them, their VResorts Hotel Booking is the world’s first VR Booking engine. The hotels that have the VR contents such as VR videos and 360 degree shots of it will then be featured in their list.

How To Use It?

Well, first you need to download the VResorts apps into your device. Once you are inside the VR environment, then you search for your destination or hotels. Next, you “pre-experience” your stay by transporting yourself virtually to the hotel. Once you found the one that you desire and with the best price, then you can book it immediately.

VResorts Hotel Booking

From what we see inside their website at this moments, it only able to be booked by using SideQuest for now. While for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, it will be coming soon to the platform.

For the hotel owner or management, the company also provide service to showcase your hotel in VR. This is done by creating a “VR Hotel Story” and then transform it into an immersive virtual tour in 360 degrees. The Marriot is one of the example that you can view here. Furthermore, the sales team of the hotel can use their smartphone or tablet to control or guide the VR experience of the prospects.

Marriot in 360 Degrees

For us, it is a great concept especially when we are very cautious about our budget and can’t afford to make mistake in choosing the suitable hotel for us. Especially for those family with children. We definitely don’t want to regret our decision and spoiled the holiday mood. Hope with this kind of solution, we are able to pick good hotel and be back home with a sweet story to tell about our holiday.

With this solution, the company estimate that they can reach out to 200 million VR users. That’s impressive!! For more information, you can read it at:

  1. The VResorts Official Website.
  2. VResorts Launches Virtual Reality Booking Platform” from Hotel Business.


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