HTC Vive, A Motion Tracking VR System, Is Now Available for Pre-Order

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HTC Vive, A Motion Tracking VR System, Is Now Available for Pre-Order

HTC Vive VR System

There is good news for VR enthusiast out there. Recently on 29th February 2016, HTC Vive, an immersive motion tracking virtual reality system from HTC and Valve, is now officially open for pre-order. You can get it at the price of USD799.00. It sounds a little bit pricey, isn’t it? So, with that kind of price, what you’ll expect to get?

More About HTC Vive

First of all, definitely you’ll receive an HTC Vive VR headset with 110-degree field of view and 2160 x 1200 combined resolution. It also has 90 Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth display. The special thing is that the headset comes with 32 sensors for to deliver precise 360-degree motion tracking. It also has built-in front facing camera to allow the blending of real world objects with the virtual world object for the mixed reality experience. Sounds awesome!!

Apart from VR headset, you’ll also receive two wireless controllers where each of the controller has 24 sensors for accurate motion tracking. It also claims to have HD haptic feedback.

The great thing is, it comes bundled with two base station cubes that can trackk your movements. As you move and walk around in the real world, the movements is also translated into the virtual world. Meaning to say, HTC Vive VR system does enable a unique 360-degree room-scale motion tracking experience. The two base stations will be able to sync wirelessly to allow seamless movements in virtual world. This new room-scale gaming experience is also powered by Steam VR  where it provides the full integration between Vive system and Steam online gaming portal and marketplace.

Besides the hardware, you’ll also received three complimentary virtual reality games which are “Fantastic Contraption“, “Tilt Brush” and “Job Simulator“. To ensure that your PC or laptop is capable to run the VR content at 90 fps, you can take the SteamVR Performance Test and fine-tune your CPU or Graphics Card.

Let’s see if this device is up to its prestige of winning multiple awards during CES 2016 recently. You can visit its official website at


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