Increased in Insurance Claims Involving VR Headsets

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Increased in Insurance Claims Involving VR Headsets

Recently, there is an increased of the insurance claims related with VR headsets. According to insurer, Aviva, there is a jump of 31% in home content claims related with VR headsets last year. And the average claim for accidental damage is around £650.

Some examples of the incident are like crashing into furniture, smashing through lighting fixture, upper-cut on the ceiling fan and the most popular one is accidentally smashing the TV either by hand or “flying controller”. Ouch!

From Aviva, they also advised people to add accidental damage cover to their home insurance plan. We just hope that the new VR users are more careful when using the device and pay attention on the guardian or boundary setting to avoid the similar incidents.

If we look at it positively, this shows that the popularity of VR among is increased among the mass market or consumer segment. Well, this is definitely a good sign for the VR industry.

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