Interactive Holographic Video of Batcave from “Batman: The Animated Series” for VR Display

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Interactive Holographic Video of Batcave from “Batman: The Animated Series” for VR Display

Soon, you’ll be able to experience the feeling of being a Batman or Bruce Wayne. At least by experiencing the surrounding inside the Batcave in a VR display via interactive holographic video method. This kind of experience will be made accessible using the virtual reality headset such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Galaxy Gear. Thanks to Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and OTOY, we will be able to realize our childhood dream of becoming that glamorous superhero of all time.

Interactive Holographic Video of Batcave from Batman The Animated Series
Interactive Holographic Video of Batcave from “Batman: The Animated Series”

More about Batcave Interactive Holographic Video…

The Batcave interactive holographic video is based from “Batman: The Animated Series” which is the Emmy Award winning television series. To ensure the right look and feel, the team also work together with Bruce Timm, the producer of “Batman: The Animated Series“. Perhaps, you’re already familiar with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment companies. But what about OTOY? For your info, OTOY Inc. is a cloud graphics pioneer and visual effects company where its strength lie in the rendering and holographic streaming technology.

For this immersive entertainment project, they use the OTOY’s OctaneRender and their holographic light field rendering  technology to recreate the scene. Just to let you know, OctaneRender is a suite of advanced 3D rendering software for workstations and the cloud. This solution enables fast, efficient creation and editing of realistic 3D scenes with support for 15 popular 3D modelling applications. In the future, OTOY aims to have “glasses-free” light field displays technology that will power future mobile devices and TV.

OBRX Holographic Video for Batman
ORBX Holographic Video Scene Construction for Batman in OTOY’s OctaneRender

This cool interactive holographic video project is still in progress. They plan to release it during winter on the ORBX viewer app. The ORBX digital hologram experience is like looking through a window into a virtual world. This holographic video can be navigated and explored from any angle. As you move your head, the images also change accordingly. For more info, please read it at:
1) “Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and OTOY inside Batman” from OTOY.
2) “OTOY unveils holographic video, announces first commercial holographic display for early 2015” from OTOY. This is a great reading if you want to understand more about holographic video.


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