Malaysia Boosting Tourism Activity with ‘Welcome to Penang VR’ Initiative

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Malaysia Boosting Tourism Activity with ‘Welcome to Penang VR’ Initiative

Welcome to Penang VR

Another initiative to boost tourism activity using VR technology has been done by the Penang state in Malaysia. This smart tourism initiative is called ‘Welcome to Penang VR‘. For your info, Penang or also known as Pulau Pinang is a Malaysian state which is located in Peninsular Malaysia. That state has a beautiful island with great foods and places that attract a lot of tourist every year.

What is ‘Welcome to Penang VR’ Project?

This initiative lets visitors preview the available attractions so they can plan their trips to Penang accordingly. And it also allows potential tourists to ‘teleport’ themselves virtually to various places of interest.

This project covers the areas in Penang which comprises of 80 aerial views of George Town, 274 locations on that island and 150 million square feet of space on Google Street View. Sounds great, rite?

Just to add, the 274 locations mentioned above consists of historical buildings, sculptures, museums, street arts and many more.

Welcome to Penang VR Event
Welcome to Penang VR Launching Event (Source: Buletin Mutiara)

Who is the Developer or Vendor?

The vendor that is appointed for this project is Fresnel Media. Fresnel Media is a company that provide virtual tour services in Malaysia and it is also a Google Street View Trusted Agency.

During the launching event somewhere in end of March 2023, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Shahram Ghaderi, shared some interesting facts. They noticed that 16 out of 274 locations received more than 100,000 views per location on Google Maps.

And interestingly, 260,000 viewers or 3.17% of them spent more than one minute looking at the content the team has created for the project. And that number is before the launching day. Impressive, isn’t it?

We hope this kind of information can bring more motivation to the aspiring VR professional and companies.


You can access it via smartphones, tablets or web access. For the app, you can search ‘Welcome to Penang’ on Google Play and Apple App Store. While for the web, you can visit

For more info you can read it at:

  1. Welcome to Penang Official Website.
  2. ‘Welcome to Penang VR’ project to boost the tourist experience” from Buletin Mutiara.

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