ManageXR now a Preferred VR Device Management for Pico

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ManageXR now a Preferred VR Device Management for Pico


Recently updated on November 12th, 2021 at 01:16 am

On 9th November 2021, ManageXR announced that it is now a preferred VR device management solution for all Pico devices. For your info, ManageXR is an enterprise device management platform specifically for VR/AR devices. In high level, this platform will allow companies to manage their VR devices on large scale.

Features of ManageXR…

ManageXR platform is very useful to the company administrator where they can remotely control the company’s VR or XR devices. The main features of this tool are distribution of apps, files and firmware updates to all the headsets across the company.

As additional, it also able to control the security settings and perform customization of home screen to follow the company standard and policies. Furthermore, the company admin can track all the VR or XR devices in one, single place.

ManageXR Dashboard
ManageXR Dashboard (Image Credit: ManageXR)

Benefit for the Companies..

With this recent announcement, you can see that Pico devices such as Pico Neo 3 and Pico G2 4K headsets is now preloaded with ManageXR. Instead of having IT admin to install ManageXR by plugging each VR device into a computer one by one, which is very tedious and time consuming, now Pico users themselves can activate ManageXR directly.

Pico VR Devices
Pico VR Devices (Image Credit: ManageXR)

This save a lot of time since users can now skip many steps in the device setup process. Even a non-technical end users can fully configured their Pico headsets in less than 2 minutes.

Furthermore, now all the company VR/XR devices will have the same and standard setting and configurations across them. This will make the job of the IT Admin a lot easier in case they need to perform the troubleshooting or reset the device configuration. And you can also control types of apps that are allowed to be installed on the headsets.

This can further help the companies that using VR on the small scale to move from the pilot stage to the organization-wide usage. It’s time to expand, captain!


As for now, the ManageXR preload is only available at Pico devices in United States. But don’t worry, Pico users can still use ManageXR anywhere in the world with the help of ManageXR’s Device Setup Tool.

For more information, you can read it at:

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