Mark Zuckerberg Announced Meta Quest 3 Headset to the World

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Mark Zuckerberg Announced Meta Quest 3 Headset to the World

Mark Zuckerberg Introduced Meta Quest 3

Recently, on 1st June 2023, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta Quest 3 headset to the public. This is definitely a much awaited news to the VR and Quest 2 fan since the last Quest 2 was introduced 3 years ago in September 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg Introduced the Quest 3…

From Mark himself, it will be the first mainstream headset with high-resolution, full-color passthrough for mixed reality (MR) purpose. Simply said, you can enjoy both VR & MR in this single standalone device.

The new headset will be 40% slimmer and thinner from its predecessor and of course it will be more comfortable. It will also have better displays and resolution.

In terms of processor, it will use Next-Gen Qualcomm chipset which can double up the graphics performance. Luckily, this new headset will be compatible with Quest 2’s existing games library which consists of more than 500 titles.

Check out the video below to understand more about Meta Quest 3…

The starting price of this Quest 3 headset is $499 and expected to come out this fall. From Mark, they will share more details of it during the Connect conference on 27th September 2023. Mark your calendar, dude..

When it comes out, we will be having a special section on Quest 3. At this moment, check it out for more details at Meta Quest 3 official website.

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