Masterpiece Studio Pro now with Free Edition for Indie VR Creators

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Masterpiece Studio Pro now with Free Edition for Indie VR Creators

Masterpiece Studio Pro

On 15th November 2021, Masterpiece Studio announced the release of Free Edition of their Masterpiece Studio Pro. For your info, Masterpiece Studio is a company that develop intuitive 3D content creation platform using virtual reality and machine learning. So you might asked, what is the significant of this news to the VR community? Well, please continue to read…

What is Masterpiece Studio Pro?

Masterpiece Studio Pro is a complete VR creative suite that is suitable for the VR creators. This tool can be used to create or modify 3D characters, avatars, assets and props for games, animations, virtual world and also for metaverse.

To elaborate further, this tool is able to help you to quickly draw, sculpt, texture, optimize, rig, skin and animate in an entirely virtual environment. You can then export your creations to game engines, renderers and animation software easily.

Masterpiece Studio Pro Free Edition
Masterpiece Studio Pro (Image Credit: Masterpiece Studio)

How About MasterpieceVR?

Historically, there was a tool called MasterpieceVR which was launched in 2017. During that time, MasterpieceVR only has 3D sculpting and mesh drawing tools. Now, MasterpieceVR is no longer available for purchase.

What happen is that, Masterpiece Studio Pro is introduced as the major upgrade and rebranding of MasterpieceVR. With the latest Masterpiece Studio Pro, there are a lot more features and capabilities that come with it until it can be considered as a complete VR 3D creative suite.

More on Masterpiece Studio Pro…

As additional information, this Masterpiece Studio Pro suite received recognition where it became the winner of “Best Creator and Authoring Tool” during 12th Auggie Awards 2021 at AWE 2021.

This tool can also be used as standalone solution or with other 3D modeling VR and desktop apps. If you are interested, you can download the software from Steam or Viveport.

Hope, this video can help you to understand more about this tool..

Anyway, just to let you know that it is only free for the personal and non-commercial use only. The company’s main intention to make this free is to support the indie VR creators. And at the same time able to grow this community as well. Furthermore, this platform also has Public Gallery that can help to showcase the creators’ work to the world.

The company’s mission is also to make the 3D content creation to be easy and simple. In that way, anyone can participate and contribute to the future metaverse.


This is a very good and encouraging news to those who aspire to be VR creators that can contribute to the metaverse world. Even the creators with no 3D background also able to complete their entire 3D workflow easily, from concept to rigging, to animation and to export.

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