Mecca 3D from Brainseed Factory assists Muslim Pilgrims with Virtual Hajj & Umrah Rituals

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Mecca 3D from Brainseed Factory assists Muslim Pilgrims with Virtual Hajj & Umrah Rituals

Mecca 3D

Recently, an application called “Mecca 3D” was released in May 2014 that can assist the potential Muslim pilgrims to practise the rituals first by performing the virtual hajj and umrah using VR technology before they go to the real location. With the tagline “An Interactive Journey to Islam“, the Muslim and non-Muslims can immerse themselves¬†in the virtual reality or 3D world of Islamic culture, religion, events and experience to better understand the Islamic teaching.

You can visit the important sites of Islam such as Kaabah and Holy Mosque and also experience the major events in Islamic history such as the battle of Uhud, the attack of Ashaab Al-Feel and the battle of the Trench (Ghazuat Al-Khandaq). Well, some sort like a journey using a time machine. That sounds fascinating…

Mecca 3D Kabba

For your info, Mecca 3D app is developed by Brainseed Factory which is founded and headed by Bilal Chbib, a Syrian living in Germany. The best thing is, this Mecca 3D app can work and compatible with Oculus Rift, the top VR goggles at this moment. Hence, you can virtually get close and stand in front of the Kaabah and get amazed by it.

Mecca 3D with VR Support

This Mecca 3D software app are available in the Apple Store and Google Play and right now it is free. For more info, you can visit:
1) The Official Mecca 3D Website.
2) “New App Lets Pilgrims Take a Virtual 3D Hajj” from Vocativ.


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  1. Agus Pramana says:

    I will ne going for jajj and wish to try the VR Hajj program. Pls, how can I try or have it ?

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