Microsoft HoloLens for Holographic Computing & Mixed Reality

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Microsoft HoloLens for Holographic Computing & Mixed Reality

With the recent “Pokemon Go” fever, the society interest are back to AR (Augment Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) stuff. Some are going a bit further by creating an unofficial HoloLens demo for Pokemon Go as demonstrated by CapitolaVR. When Microsoft announced HoloLens sometime ago, they are looking at is as a new type of computing which is holographic computing. With this capability, it enables you to work, visualize and interact with your digital content and objects.

Microsoft Hololens

More on Microsoft HoloLens…

Microsoft HoloLens is more of a mixed reality technology where it will be able to go back and forth between augmented reality and a fully virtual reality world. With the MR capability, it will be able to blend the digital holographic content with the real, physical world. HoloLens uses advanced optical projection system in the see-through holographic lenses. Thus it can generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms with very low latency. HoloLens is designed with high holographic density of 2.5K radiants. The higher the radiants and light points, the brighter and richer the holograms can be visualized.

So, what are the mechanism that you can use to interact using this holographic computing platform? There are three ways which are “Gaze“, “Gesture” and “Voice“. Gaze and gesture can help you to select the holograms object, move it, open it, drag and drop it in the world. With the voice commands, you can talk directly to Cortona, the intelligent personal assistant (like A.I), to help you with your tasks.

Another capability that it has is the spatial sound where it can allow you to hear holograms anywhere even if it is behind you by synthesizing the sound. The digital content also able to interact with the physical objects in the real world. Take a look at video clip below and it shows you how far the technology can go to assist you during critical time…

Quite last minute, huh? 🙂 As shown in the conceptual use of the technology in the clip above, it demonstrates how the collaborative environment will works in the future. People can setup the real (I mean “real”) virtual meeting anywhere and anytime. Looking at all the Microsoft products right now such as Office, Outlook, Yammer, Visual SourceSafe (VSS) and others, this company has the most advantage to define out the right virtual collaborative environment tools using holographic computing that can bring true value and real benefit to the organization and business.

Microsoft Hololens Application in Works

As announced by Microsoft, Windows 10 will include Windows Holographic that will offer a holographic shell and interaction model, perception APIs and Xbox Live services. At this moment, you can get the HoloLens Development Edition at the price of $3,000. But the sad news is, it is only available for those in United States and Canada only for the time being.

To develop the applications, you also need Windows 10 PC, Visual Studio 2015 and Unity 5.4. Some of the apps that are built (or have features) for HoloLens are Skype, HoloStudio, Actiongram, HoloTour, RoboRaid, Young Conker and Fragments. For more information, you can visit:
1) The Official Microsoft HoloLens Website.
2) “Opening Windows Holographic to Partners for a New Era of Mixed Reality” from Windows Blog.
3) “This is Microsoft’s Vision of a HoloLens-powered Design Studio” from Digital Arts.


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