Monetize in Metaverse with Admix & Somnium Space NFT Billboards

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Monetize in Metaverse with Admix & Somnium Space NFT Billboards

Admix & Somnium Space NFT Billboards

Are you one of those who is still wondering how you can make income from metaverse? Well, at least there is one way now. Recently on 13th November 2021, Admix announced about their official partnership with Somnium Space where with this collaboration, you will have a chance to monetize and earn revenue inside the metaverse.

Who is Admix & Somnium Space?

For your info, Admix is a company focusing on the in-play technology where it can insert brands, ads or items directly within the gameplay without interrupting the gaming experience.

Meanwhile, Somnium Space is a virtual world where you are able to buy and own virtual land, design your own buildings and avatars, build or import digital objects and have a chance to sell them too.

Okayyy, So How it Works?

Well, there are three main steps that you need to follow…

1) Buy NFT Billboards

First, you need to buy one of their NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Billboards. It comes with three sizes which are Small, Medium and Extra Large. You can buy it from OpenSea platform where there will only be 15 exclusive billboards available for auctions.

Below is how the NFT billboards looks like..

Admix NFT Billboards
Admix x Somnium NFT Billboards (Image Credit: Admix)

2) Add Billboard on Parcel

After you purchase the NFT, you will be able to unlock the Admix integration with Somnium. With this integration, you can add this billboard on your land parcel in Somnium Space. The technology behind will connect the advertisers from various sources that will then display their ad on the billboard.

3) Get Paid

Lastly, you will be able to generate the advertising revenue based on how many people have seen the ad. Your percentage of revenue share depends on your type of billboard. If you subscribe to the large billboard, you can get 90% revenue share on the ad revenue. As additional info, you will be paid in $CUBE into your wallet on yearly basis.

Who is the Advertiser?

At this moment, they already got their first official advertiser to be onboard who is Cloud9 Esports. It is also the first brand to have their logo on the Admix x Somnium NFT billboard.

For your info, Cloud9 is the premier esports organization in the world and got strong backing from Valor, WWE, Founders Fund and even from the Reddit founder. Well, there will be more and more brands and advertisers to come. Stay tune…

Cloud 9 Esports NFT Billboards
This is how Cloud 9 Esports looks like on NFT Billboards (Image Credit: Admix)


The future definitely looks better and better for the metaverse community. Not just as the place to have fun, parties and gaming, but it’s also able to generate the economy within itself as well.

For more info, you can read it at:

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