OPECloud VR Hands On Training for Surgeon Practice

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OPECloud VR Hands On Training for Surgeon Practice

OPECloud VR Hands On Training

On 18th November 2021, Jolly Good Inc., a medical technology company, announced that they have developed a way to do virtual hands on training on their VR clinical training platform called OPECloud VR.

What is OPECloud VR?

OPECloud VR is a clinical training platform where users can practice as a surgeon in the virtual environment. Inside VR, the users can move their body and hands to get the right feel and experience from the surgeon’s perspective.

In order to capture the experience, OPECloud VR need to build permanent installation of a high-definition 360 degrees camera and server inside the medical facility. In that way, they can turn any clinical scenario into high-precision VR experience.

Just to add, this platform is already established and recognized by many medical institutions, schools and conferences especially in Japan.

How They Create the Hands On Training?

They perform this by leveraging on the hand tracking sensors capability of the VR headset. The hand tracking sensors are used to superimpose the user’s virtual hand onto the realistic live-action medical procedures in the virtual environment. The system able to check the position of your hands against the recorded hands during the simulation.

The platform also able to keep track of your level and progress. It will provide score and remarks based on how your performance looks like during the training simulation. They got three grades which are “Excellent“, “Good” and “Bad“. This is how it looks if you do it perfectly during the hands on training…

OPECloud VR Hands On Training
OPECloud VR Hands On Training (Image Credit: OPECloud VR)

You can watch the video here to further understand how it works…

For more info, you can read it at:

  1. Development of “VR hands on training” with hand tracking in live-action medical VR!” from PR Newswire.
  2. OPECloud VR Official Website

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