Parent Developed Interactive 360-Degree Virtual Tour for School

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Parent Developed Interactive 360-Degree Virtual Tour for School

Gymea Technology High School

Recently updated on November 14th, 2021 at 02:37 am

As most us already know, the global COVID-19 pandemic making it’s hard for some prospective parents or students to make physical visits to the school. One school in Sydney is so lucky to have parent that developed and produced an interactive 360-degree virtual tour for them. This kind of experience might be able to attract new student enrolments to the school.

The school mentioned above is Gymea Technology High School and it focus on the technology to support teaching and learning activities. And it emphasizes on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning.

Who Developed the School’s Interactive Virtual Tour?

The parent who developed and produced the virtual tour is Karen Young. She is a courseware designer and has VR experience. In producing this tour, she was also assisted by the students who helped with the sound recordings and additional video footage.

If you would like to experience it yourself, then you can try it by clicking the Virtual Tour in the school’s website. Below are some of the screenshots taken from the interactive 360-degree virtual tour of the school.

Having fun learning in Visual Studio…
Yes, you can touch the “Fish” and see what happen next…
Yeap, you read it right. You can pick the skull and put it in the ring of fire (very clear instruction)…

For now, it is in the 360 degree format that you can view via your browser. Hopefully, in the future, it can also support the VR mode where you can experience it via Google Cardboard or VR headset like Oculus Quest 2.

Kudos to the parent, students and teachers of that school. It is really an impressive collaboration that might inspire other school as well. For more info, you can read it at:

  1. School develops VR tour for prospective students” from Technology Decisions.

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