Rent VR Headset from The Portland Art Museum

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Rent VR Headset from The Portland Art Museum


There is a cool initiative happening at one of the museums in the world. Recently, The Portland Art Museum (PAM) announced that their Center of Untold Tomorrow (CUT) now allows you to rent their VR headset and bring it home for few days. Super cool, isn’t it?

The program is called “VR to Go” where it is the collaboration between the museum, PAM CUT, with the Phi Centre from Montreal, Canada. Phi Centre is the premier multi-media hub for VR and immersive art in North America.

What you need to do is to pick the headset on the designated day, bring it home, enjoy it and at the end of your rental period, you just return it by dropping it off. Same like what we do when we borrow books from library or the old times when we rent the VHS from video store.

The VR headset also is already preloaded with 10 curated immersive VR pieces so you don’t have to figure out how to download or install them. Some of the immersive videos are “I Saw the Future” from France, “The Blind Vaysha” from Canada, “Spheres” from United States and “The Sick Rose” from Taiwan. Judging from the still images, most of them looks awesome and need to be experienced.

The only thing is that, they used Oculus Go VR headset which have lower specs than Meta Quest 2. Anyway, it is a really good start for those new in VR.

You can enjoy history immediately at the comfort of your sofa. Nice, huh? Wish we can see more of this kind of initiative in other museums too.

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