Rescuing the Dinosaurs in “Jurassic World VR Expedition” from VRC & Universal

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Rescuing the Dinosaurs in “Jurassic World VR Expedition” from VRC & Universal

Jurassic World VR Expedition

Remember when the first time we watched the “Jurassic Park” movie in the early 90s. And there was a scene where Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill) was in shocked and disbelieved at his first encounter with the long neck Brachiosaurus dinasour in front of him for the first time. And we imagined ourselves to be in the paleontologist’s shoes and get awestruck by the phenomenon. Soon, we will get the opportunity to have that same thrilling and exciting moments like the characters in the movie.

Wait no more. Your childhood dream will be realized in the new VR game in town which recently announced by Universal and The Virtual Reality Company (VRC). The game title is “Jurassic World VR Expedition“.

What is This VR Expedition?

It is an interactive cinematic VR game. The participant will need to hop into a motion simulator which is suitable for four person. Then, they need to wear the HTC Vive headset. Beside the headset, they will also be given a set of handheld controllers. Once they put on the headset, they will be transported to the famous Isla Nublar, the dinosaurs inhabited island. In case you don’t know, it is a chaotic and mess up island from the popular Jurassic Park movies.

During the virtual expedition, they will be rescuing the dinosaurs who are still roaming the island just after the ending of the previous “Jurassic World” movie. By using the hand controllers, the gamer will “tag” the dinos they discovered during the rescue mission. The whole journey of the VR expedition will take around five minutes to complete.

This highly anticipated ride will be launched at Dave & Busters family entertainment centres on this coming 14th June 2018. You can expect more than 100 outlets to participate in this ride. Hence it will be the biggest launching of location-based VR game at this moment. Location-based VR is where the user is physically put inside a special room at public places such as shopping malls or theme parks and that room is fully equipped with high end VR platforms such as motion simulators, headsets, controllers and backpacks.

What’s So Exciting About this VR Game?

This is the time where you can see the dinosaurs in action in front of your eyes. Yerp, you might already saw the animatronic dinosaurs at some theme park and also experienced some dinosaur related VR app. And you cannot compare this game with the “Jurassic World: Blue” for Oculus headsets. To hold true to the fan, this VR experience from VRC team is using the digital models of the dinosaurs that ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) company used to make the movie. And furthermore this will be something very, very great and different because of the team behind it.

The team consists of several Academy Award-winning and nominated animators, visual effects artists and technicians. James Lima is the one who wrote and directed the journey of this adventure. He is a multi-Emmy Award nominated visual effect artists. He also believe in the power of VR as the extension of film. And this is also produced by Robert Stromberg, a two-time Academy Award winner. Furthermore, one of the VRC advisors is Steven Spielberg, the legendary and iconic figure in the film making history. He is the “daddy” of E.T, Jaws and Jurassic Park itself. What more can you ask? Whooaahh!!

We can’t wait to try walking with the T-Rex or getting the Velociraptor to follow our instruction. For more info, please read it at:
1) The Virtual Reality Company official website.
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3) “‘Jurassic World’ Virtual Reality Experience to Debut at Dave & Buster’s” from The Hollywood Reporter.


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