Revisit Crime Scene to Solve Case Using VR in China’s Courtroom

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Revisit Crime Scene to Solve Case Using VR in China’s Courtroom

Recently updated on November 6th, 2021 at 10:19 pm

VR in China Courtroom
Revisit Crime Scene (Credit: CGTN)

We have always anticipate that VR technology can be use to solve crime cases in the courtroom. But we are not sure when it will be a reality. But recently, it seems that the day is already come…

Usually, the court in China are using PowerPoint or verbal to make the case easier to be understood by judges, lawyers and juries. But on 1st March 2018, one of the Chinese courtrooms started to use virtual reality technology during the trial. The main purpose is for the witness to revisit the crime scene. This is a historical moment since this is the first time virtual reality is used in the courtroom in Beijing, China.

What is the Case in the Courtroom?

The romantic dispute case happened in 13th September 2017. Zhang, a 30-year old guy, is suspected with the murder of Liu, his 19-year old ex-girlfriend. During their argument, Zhang injured himself with a knife then he stabbed Liu on the neck to her death. He then stayed at the crime scene until the police arrived. One of Liu’s colleague, a guy named Dong, witnessed the whole crime. And he was the only witness at that time. That is why Dong was then invited to give his testimony on this case.

How it is Done in the Courtroom?

In the Beijing’s No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, they reconstruct the whole crime scene in 3D. During the testifying day, Dong was given a VR headset and controllers. Dong then immersed himself in the virtual scene and used the controller to explore the simulated environment.

While Dong explained what had happened in details, everyone in the courtroom can watch the 3D scene being projected on the big screen. The situation in the courtroom looks more like a demo instead of just a normal storytelling session. With this unique approach, Dong became the first person in China using virtual reality to revisit crime scene in the courtroom.

To summarize, this exercise by the Chinese local court able to strengthen their courtroom evidence visualization system. We are glad and welcome to see this technology being implemented in more courtrooms with the hope that justice can be served faster. For more info, you can read it at:
1) “Beijing court turns to virtual reality” from
2) “VR technology officially enters courtrooms in China” from CGTN.
3) “Virtual Reality Technology Enters A Chinese Courtroom” from SupChina.

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