Tobii Analytics Tool to Measure & Analyze Eye Tracking in VR World

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Tobii Analytics Tool to Measure & Analyze Eye Tracking in VR World

Tobii Eye Tracking for VR Analytics

Researchers or system analysts can now conduct the study of eye tracking in the virtual environment. Thanks to Tobii Technology Inc that makes this happen. Tobii is a Swedish company where their expertise and core product is on eye tracking technology. They believe that the innovation in eye tracking can help the business and industry to better understand their customers and clients.

How the Eye Tracking Analytics Work?

For the eye tracking analysis, their main tool is Tobii Pro VR Analytics. To use it, the tool needs to be embedded in the Unity assets and environment. It will then transform the virtual elements into “Objects of Interest” that can be tracked easily.

From there, the analysis tool can measure what the users see, how they navigate and how they interact with the objects in the virtual world. It works in real-time with the actual eye-movement data together with Tobii’s eye-tracking technology. The eye-tracking technology is integrated with HTC Vive headset.

The visualization of the heat map and opacity map generated from the tool can show which part in the virtual environment that received the most attention and focus. It also can show how much time the users look, stare or gaze at the particular objects or areas. It also can produce the journey mapping where the path maps in the scene view can show the foot traffic analysis based from the user movement in VR.

The result from the analysis can help the system analysts or solution designers to get the insights and to further analyze the user behaviour and decision making in VR. This can assist them in designing better product and solution that can also improve the user experience.

It will be very useful in the training of high-risk and hazardous occupations such as military, emergency response, medical, construction and factory. The industry can understand how the employees view their world and thus can make things better for them to reduce the risk of incident and lost of their lives.

But we think that the potential will be more than that. We can use it for the marketing purpose as well to improve the promotion, advertising and campaign strategy in virtual reality. It will be similar like how to get the best banner position in the web pages. But instead of 2D web page, it will be in the 3D virtual reality world. For more details, you can read it at:
1) Tobii Pro VR Analytics official website.
2) “Tool to help researchers study eye-tracking in virtual reality (VR) environments introduced by Tobii” from Military & Aerospace Electronics.
3) “Analytics Tool Uses VR Eye Tracking for Product Design” from Design News.

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