UK Gwent Police Officer Training Using Cave VR Approach

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UK Gwent Police Officer Training Using Cave VR Approach

Gwent Police using Cave VR
Gwent Police using Cave VR (Credit: BBC)

In January 2018, Gwent Police, one of the police unit in UK, is embarking on the use of VR in their routine training. According to them, they are the first police unit in UK (United Kingdom) to use virtual reality approach for their officer training. That’s really cool…

Gwent Police Using Cave VR…

Surprisingly, instead of using the popular HMD (Head Mounted Display) or VR headset, the Wales police unit decided to use the cave method for the virtual reality training. The cave VR provides a 280-degrees virtual environment for them.

Since the VR community using the headset is not mature yet, this kind of setup can make the communication between the user and the audience watching them from outside of the cave run smoothly. Inside the cave, the officer can move around and interact with the virtual characters.

During the simulation of the incidents, the officers can test their decision making skills, safeguarding skills and spot controlling behaviour skills. According to them, this training simulation can replace eight hours of conventional lectures and presentations.

As a start, their focus is more on the domestic violence or abuse case. Hence, the participants come from the Domestice Abuse Coordination Team. At this moment, they have two animated scenarios on this. But they plan to extend it to other crime scenarios as well in the future. The most important thing is that it is done in a safe and controlled environment which can be re-simulate again and again until it reach perfection.

That’s a very cool initiative from a respected uniformed unit in Wales. For more info, you can read it at:
1) “Gwent Police – First police force to use virtual reality in police officer training” from Gwent Police.
2) “Police use virtual reality to help tackle domestic abuse” from BBC.

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  1. It’s cool, but I still think that CAVE is so 90s… 😀

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