More Engaging Virtual Community with oksusu Social VR from SK Telecom

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More Engaging Virtual Community with oksusu Social VR from SK Telecom

oksusu Social VR

Recently, SK Telecom, a South Korea telco company, announced their new product offering related to virtual reality. The product called “oksusu Social VR” will be focusing on the social activity domain. They will demo it soon during this coming Mobile World Congress 2018 event starting from 26th Feb.

More on oksusu Social VR…

For your info, oksusu is an established community platform from SK Telecom. With the addition of the VR feature onto it, they hope they can gather the followers inside the same virtual space. Inside the virtual space, there will be display panel with the size of 80-inch which will show the full HD (high-definition) content. With this virtual facility, the participants can huddle and watch it together. Examples of the content that can be enjoyed as a community are like concert, baseball match or gaming contest.

The main attraction of this platform is that while the participants are watching the video content inside the virtual space, they are also able to interact and communicate with each other. And you can also invite others to join you inside the virtual space as well. They believe this kind of capability can get the users to be more engage in using the VR technology as the new community platform.

One more thing, the avatar framework they used can make the movement and facial expression of your avatar to looks and feel more natural and humanlike. So we will look much cooler 🙂

Normally, most of the HD images will looked pixelated and jagged if viewed in VR mode. We hope that when the 5G era is coming we can have sharper and smoother images. This is because, SK Telecom believe that with 5G, they can deliver the 8K content which is 16 times better than the full HD. That sounds awesome!!

The big question is how far this new virtual community product can rejuvenate the interest in virtual reality among the public. And also what is the average duration the people can stay inside the virtual world. We can just wait and see…

For more info, you can read it at:
1) “SK Telecom Presenting Its Newest Social VR Innovation oksusu Social VR at Mobile World Congress 2018” from SK Telecom.


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