Virtual Reality Web Browser Approach Using WebVR By Kaon Interactive

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Virtual Reality Web Browser Approach Using WebVR By Kaon Interactive

Virtual Reality Web Browser by Kaon

Kaon Interactive, the B2B provider of 3D marketing and sales applications, is now using virtual reality web browser approach to extend the offering of their products.  They have deployed more than 5,000 virtual 3D product models and dozens of virtual reality experiences for this new initiative. These products are now available to their customers, partners and sales team. To achieve this, they are using the WebVR supported browsers such as Microsoft Edge and combine it together with Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Kaon Approach With Virtual Reality Web Browser…

Previously, this company has already deployed Kaon VR on the Koan High Velocity Marketing Platform in January 2017. This activity will let the users to be fully immerse in the simulated environment such as virtual diagnostics laboratory or virtual data center. But at that time, it is only made for the virtual reality systems such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Google Daydream. Only until recently, they make it work using the virtual reality web browser approach via WebVR.

For your info, WebVR is a virtual reality framework to support the viewing of 3D objects in web browser. It also allow the web pages in 3D format to be viewed inside the VR environment. Beside just jumping, walking and exploring inside the virtual environment, users also will be able to perform some activities such as configuring the virtual space and equipment in real-time. The Youtube video below will show you how the 3D products is shown and interact in virtual reality environment via the Microsoft Edge web browser.

Now, one of the company aims is to help driving the adoption of WebVR in the Business-to-business sector. This is a good approach considering most of the devices nowadays use by the business have browsers inside them which are installed by default. It can minimize the number of configuration activity required to deliver and running it up immediately . Hopefully, VR industry can be more exciting in the coming future. For more info, you can read it at:
1) The Official Website of Kaon Interactive.
2) “Kaon Fuels Enterprise WebVR Adoption, Showing Immersive Experiences and Interactive 3D Products in Virtual Reality” from PR Newswire.
3) “With new update, Kaon moves enterprise virtual reality marketing onto WebVR” from SiliconANGLE.


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