VIVE Facial Tracker to Capture Mouth Movement

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VIVE Facial Tracker to Capture Mouth Movement

VIVE Facial Tracker

Imagine if your avatar in virtual world behave more like in real life. For example, in whatever direction you move your lips, then your avatar will follow suit such as a sneer or in awe look. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Recently, HTC introduce a device called “VIVE Facial Tracker” that would be able to detect and capture your mouth movement when you are in VR.

What is VIVE Facial Tracker?

It is a new tool from HTC that able to precisely capture facial expressions and mouth movements of the user. According to them, it can track up to 38 facial movements, gestures & expressions. The device will capture the movement surrounding the lips, jaw, teeth, chin, cheeks and even tongue in order to make the avatar looks more natural and lifelike.

With the fast response time (sub-10 ms), the lips movement and the voice audio will looks like they are in sync. This is also made possible with the high fidelity tracking capability with 60 Hz tracking rate. Below is the picture of that device. It is placed just below your headset, nearby the nose area.

VIVE Facial Tracker
VIVE Facial Tracker

The device is equipped with dual cameras to capture the full lower part of the face from nearly all angles. To have a whole face tracking experience, you can use it together with VIVE Pro Eye. The good thing about this device is that it supports two popular graphics engine platform which are Unity and Unreal Engine.

How It Looks Like When In Use?

To further understand how the device can capture the facial expressions, perhaps this YouTube video made by Frooxius from Neos VR can give you more insight of it…

Looks so cool and impressive, rite? We think that this product is also very useful to help those who has listening disability or deaf in social VR. With this capability, they can read the lips of the avatars to better understand what is being discussed.

The price shown on its official website is $129.99. Unfortunately, at this moment it still shows “Coming Soon” on the website. HTC plans to launch the product in US on 24th March 2021. For more information regarding this device, you can read it at:

  1. The official VIVE Facial Tracker website.
  2. HTC announces Vive Pro lip tracking module and new VR body trackers” from The Verge.


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