VR Experience on Buses with #FlixVR

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VR Experience on Buses with #FlixVR

A bus service from Europe called FlixBus is now offering the virtual reality experience on their long-distance buses. They called it as “#FlixVR“. Yeap, with a hashtag. It is a pilot exercise that will run for three months. Some sort like an experiment for the bus.

The good thing is that it is a free service. However, you still need to book for it since the headsets are very limited. Like four headsets per rides. And furthermore, it is reserved for the passengers who book the “Panorama Seats“. This special seats are located at the front of the bus at the top level. And there are only few chosen routes that offering this VR service such as from LA Downtown to the Las Vegas Downtown.

FlixBus are partnering with Pico and Inflight VR to deliver this experience. The HMD used are the Pico Goblin 2 headsets from Pico Interactive, while the content and software are from Inflight VR. There is around 50 games, travel and cinematic experiences which are loaded into this VR solution. For example is the experience of walking on Artic, floating in space or playing basketball.

If people enjoyed it, perhaps this service can be extended more than 3 months. And perhaps it can open up more opportunity for the VR Developers to build more traveler-friendly solution and experience. For example the tourist guide in VR format so they can use their time on bus to learn more about their destination. How about you? Do you feel to try it? For more info, you can read it at:

  1. The Official Website of Flixbus.
  2. FlixBus is testing VR on certain routes to Las Vegas” from TechCrunch.


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