VR Glove from TESLASUIT integrates with Biometric System

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VR Glove from TESLASUIT integrates with Biometric System

Teslasuit VR Glove

Recently, on 27th December 2019, TESLASUIT announced the new addition to their suit which is the VR glove.

TESLASUIT is a company focusing on making the full body physical haptic suit to be used in virtual environment. Their VR suit is able to provide haptic feedback and capture both motion and biometrics.

Despite the glove exoskeleton design which reminds us something out of “Terminator” movie, the good thing about their new device is that the TESLASUIT GLOVE can be used together with TESLASUIT or it can be used separately. Furthermore, it is wireless and it connect to the suit via Wi-Fi.

The interesting feature about TESLASUIT GLOVE is because it is able to integrate the haptics, motion capture, force feedback and biometry together in one solution.

The VR glove can detect the movement of wearer’s hand so it can move them accurately in the virtual world.

Meanwhile, the haptics part enabled users to feel the virtual textures. It is equipped with a 3×3 display for each finger.

The most “Wow!” factor of this VR glove is the biometric system. With this capability embedded into it, the solution will be able to get the biometric data in real time hence allowing the heart rate, emotional state and stress level to be relayed.

For those who want it, they target it to be ready in market during second half of 2020. This is according to Sergei Nossof, CEO of TESLASUIT. At this moment, it looks like the target market is for the industries, enterprises or B2B sector. Such as in the robotic tele-control system, medical rehabilitation, emergency evacuation training or dangerous laboratory experiments.

But for those who can’t wait to see the virtual reality glove, you can visit their showcase at CES 2020 on 7th January 2020.

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