VR Keyboard Using Logitech BRIDGE Software Development Kit

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VR Keyboard Using Logitech BRIDGE Software Development Kit

VR Keyboard from Logitech

Well, how do you want to type in the virtual reality environment? Looks like somebody already got the answer to it. Recently, Vincent Tucker, the Director of Innovations and Strategy at Logitech announced that their latest peripheral known as BRIDGE SDK (Software Development Kit) is able to function and works like a VR keyboard. Without you taking off your headset, you will be able to see your physical keyboard and your hands being 3D modelled and rendered in the virtual world. This is definitely great because you can straight away type the entry and input with ease.

More About VR Keyboard…

This initiative is the collaboration between Logitech team and HTC Vive team. They do this because they strongly believe that despite of other cool VR input devices such as gaming and motion controllers, keyboard is still an effective and efficient tool for gaming, productivity and communication activities. This resulted in them getting a way to make HTC Vive Tracker able to represent a keyboard across the Steam VR system. This smart Vive Tracker also able to measure your hand movements and the words you type.

The kit contains Logitech G gaming keyboard, accessory to position the Vive Tracker on keyboard and the related software. The kit is quite pricey which is around $150. But at this moment, they will give away this Beta version kits to the selected 50 developers to try it out. In this developers program, the hope is that both parties able to create and fine tune the experiences of using VR keyboard in the virtual environment.

This type of capability is more useful and highly significant if we want to enable web browsing functionality in the virtual environment. This will also bring a new meaning to the Digital Workspace concept. The nice thing is, you can skin and customize your keyboard in many ways. This will allow developers to be more creative and create wonderful stuffs for their communities. To have more understanding on how it works, you can watch it in the video below…

From what we read, many companies are also very excited with this latest update such as Virtual Desktop, Bigscreen, Autodesk and Mozilla. Cool, huh? For more info, you can read it here.

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