VR Startup & Event Organizer HIKKY Raised $57 Million in Series A Funding

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VR Startup & Event Organizer HIKKY Raised $57 Million in Series A Funding

HIKKY VR Startup & Event Organizer

On 15th November 2021, HIKKY Co., Ltd, a VR startup & VR event organizer, announced that they have manage to raise 6.5 billion yen or $57 million in their Series A funding round. That’s a very huge amount of funding for a VR company.

What are HIKKY’s Services?

HIKKY’s main services are hosting series of VR events called Vket and their own proprietary VR engine called Vket Cloud. On Vket, it has become a big name in the VR event space. It is so successful that they managed to get recognition and awards such as:

  1. Grand Prize for VR Marketing during VR Awards 2020 event.
  2. Grand Prize for Japan’s XR Creative Awards 2020 event.
  3. Guinness World Records in 2021 for the largest number of booths at VR market events.
  4. Guinness World Records in 2021 for the largest number of avatar photos posted on Twitter in an hour.
6th Virtual Market
6th Virtual Market in August 2021 (Image Credit: HIKKY)

On Vket Cloud, it is used to create metaverse content that users can access by clicking a URL. The VR engine is browser-based and can run on smartphones and computers. Their aim for metaverse is that users can access VR easily from any device and no app needed for this purpose. They want users to be able to communicate and explore in an open world format.

One of HIKKY’s strategy to accelerate their metaverse business is by working together with communication infrastructure company like NTT DOCOMO. They do this by providing XR services, technologies and content to NTT DOCOMO continuously.

Beside the above services, they also provide service to support and manage the artist live performances or virtual concerts in VR. Some of the artists that use this service are MIYAVI and PKCZ.

What HIKKY will do with the Funding?

Generally, they plan to use it to continue develop the open metaverse and to expand their VR services both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, they will use it to strengthen their organizational foundation.

For more info, you can read it at:

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  2. HIKKY Official Website

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