Why VR? What I Like, Love & Passionate About Virtual Reality Very Much?

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Why VR? What I Like, Love & Passionate About Virtual Reality Very Much?

Recently updated on February 1st, 2020 at 08:24 pm

I Love VR

Why VR? This is a question that haunted me for a very, very long time. From many other subjects or disciplines, but why VR or Virtual Reality that I like or love very much. Why I am so passionate about VR? I really took my time to think deep about this passion. There’s something about VR that makes me crazy and can’t stop thinking about it.

Why VR?

Perhaps, this has something to do with my lucid dreaming experience when I was a kid. During that time, I was able to control the dream. I was aware that I am dreaming at that time and can control the setting of my own dream. But when I grew up, that ability is slowly and slowly diminished.

Or perhaps, when was a teenager, I played and enjoyed the first person shooter games such as “Half-Life” and “Deus Ex” very, very much. I feel so immersed while playing the games. But somehow I still feel the lacking of immersiveness because of that rectangle computer monitor. I need to constantly looking at the front. The moment I turned left or right, then I’m back to the real world. I always imagine how it will look like if I was really in the game. Some sort like the “Tron” experience.

Or maybe because I love things related to visual especially the 3D objects which are created with software such as “3ds Max” or “Maya 3D“. I love to see and imagine how those artists able to make that objects looks as real as possible especially those related with environment, architecture, house, surrounding etc. I keep imagining how it feels like to live in that nearly perfect environment like that. No rubbish, no litter, no smoke. Everything looks perfect…

Or maybe because the term VR sounds cool and unique. It feels somewhat special to be someone expert in niche area like this. Furthermore, the movie related with virtual reality such as “The Matrix” makes this stuff looks even more cool and trendy.

Or maybe because I enjoy watching the facial expression when people try the HMD (Head-mounted Display). The “Oooh..” and “Woaahh..” feeling and excitement of those people really makes me happy and excited too. It is the same joy when we are able to teach people who previously hard to understand and grasp the subject. But when we teach them, they suddenly got it.

Now, the big challenge for me is how to transform my tremendous passion towards VR into something that can give great benefit to the society or majority of the people on this planet earth. That’s another major question where I need another session of deep thinking.

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