The Diary of My VR Journey in 2022

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The Diary of My VR Journey in 2022

The Diary of My VR Journey in 2022

This might be late since it is already one and the half month in year 2022. But, hopefully it is never too late to start my diary on the journey and experience using VR in year 2022. My target is to achieve at least 100 days for this year.

Hope the journey that I share here can benefit some of us. Maybe from here, you can know what else you can do with your VR headset (in case you are not using it for quite some time).

Day 1: 13th February 2022

Today, I played “Walkabout Mini Golf” which I bought few days ago from the Oculus Store. I found it is easy game to play where you can play it with only one hand.

Although the environments are polygon-based type of graphics, but it feel really color-vibrant, serene and relaxing. The background music also is very nice to the ear. Below are some of the screenshots that I took…

Walkabout Mini Golf
Walkabout Mini Golf

My estimate playing time today for this game is around 45 minutes.

Day 2: 14th February 2022

Today, I opened up the Oculus TV and stumble upon a video titled “Avatar Mountain: Zhangjiajie National Park, China” from Air Pano. During watching the immersive videos, I got excited to know that the “Avatar” film got the inspiration from this place.

Most of the time I feel like a bird looking down below the mountain with many stones. Quite a nice aerial view. Below are the screenshots that I took..

Avatar Mountain
Avatar Mountain

Duration of the video is 3 minutes and 58 seconds.

Day 3: 15th February 2022

Today, I went into Horizon Venues and watched “Foo Fighters in VR” concert. I only knew only few of their songs so I spent just a short time over there. The images a little bit blurry and pixelated. Not sure whether it is due to the production quality or my internet.

Anyway, if you are a fan, you can still enjoy the moment and have satisfaction watching them in front of you. Hopefully in the future, the images will be much more sharper, crispy and crystal clear. Below is my selfie 🙂

Foo Fighters in My VR Diary
Foo Fighters

The time I spent inside it just now is around 10 minutes.

Day 4: 16th February 2022

Today, I’m having a boxing day in the game called “The Thrill of the Fight“. I just bought with 30% discount. Original price is $9.99. After discount it is $6.99. It is easy to play with easy to understand interface menu.

Although it feels weird to me at first because you are punching in the air 😀 Maybe one day the haptic device can make it more real. Once I got the rhythm, it is actually enjoyable to play. Below is my first opponent in green suit. That’s how the easiest level opponent looks like haha…

The Thrill of the Fight
The Thrill of the Fight

I spent around 20 minutes in it. Although a short time, but it managed to keep me sweating 🙂

Day 5: 17th February 2022

Today, I tried out “Spatial“. After reading about how a CEO decided to run his business fulltime in VR, I decided to try it. Cool, I can make my own life-like avatar using the selfie method. I also try the scribble function and join few rooms or spaces.

Anyway, sometimes the touch or pointing function did not working well for me. At last, I spent around 20 minutes enjoying the NFT gallery. Below are some of my screenshots…

Spatial in My VR Diary

Day 6: 21st February 2022

Today, I spent my time wandering around in “Wander” apps. I joined a room where there is a virtual tour in the city of Amsterdam. The “tourist guide” really known the place very well and I enjoyed listening to his explanation.

He is very knowledgeable and answer the questions from the participants clearly. Hope can join this kind of virtual tour another day.

Wander Amsterdam
Wander Amsterdam

Estimated time I spent here is around 30 minutes. Time really flies when I am in Wander 🙂

Day 7: 24th February 2022

Today, I am having fun with “ForeVR Bowl” game where I played it with other people in “Quick Match” mode. Never thought that I gonna enjoy playing this kind of virtual bowling. For me, this game has a very nice, beautiful environment with soothing mood as well.

One lesson learnt is that I must make sure that my surrounding is clear enough for me to swing my hand. There are few times where I accidentally hit my controller at stuff like table and wall. Ouch!!

ForeVR Bowl
ForeVR Bowl

I think I spent nearly 30 minutes playing this game today.

Day 8: 2nd March 2022

Today, I try-out my purchase of “Real VR Fishing“. My first impression is that, the home environment is great! I love the background music that is so soothing and relaxing. I can go outside too and enjoy the night scenery at the jetty.

Furthermore, I also love the look of my shiny gloves. Can take my eyes off it. I spent roughly 15 minutes here enjoying my virtual home.

Real VR Fishing
Real VR Fishing

Day 9: 3rd March 2022

Today, I watched an immersive video titled “Spacewalkers” via “Oculus TV“. This “Space Explorers: Special Feature” is produced by Felix and Paul Studios. I really feel blessed because I can feel like I am together with the astronaut in the outer space.

And I still can’t believe that I can see the SpaceX capsule attached to the ISS (International Space Station). The duration of the video is nearly 10 minutes (9 minutes and 51 seconds to be exact). It has high quality resolution and it is definitely a must watch. Below are the screenshots that I took…

ISS Spacewalkers
ISS Spacewalkers


That’s all for now on my diary of VR journey in year 2022. See you again soon. For your info, the image that I used as the header above is from Pixabay.


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