7 Best Social Networking Apps in VR for Oculus Quest 2

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7 Best Social Networking Apps in VR for Oculus Quest 2

Best Social Networking Apps in VR for Oculus Quest

Recently updated on February 17th, 2022 at 11:18 pm

Are you so boring right now and really want to hang out with friends, families or maybe even strangers? Don’t worry. We have the solution for you. In this article, we would like to share with you the top and best social networking apps in VR that you can use with your Oculus Quest 2. Without further due, let’s take a look at the list…

1) Horizon Venues

Venues Social Apps

Venues is our most favorite social networking apps. We really enjoy going to the live events, concerts, tournaments and group travel. Some example of the live performances are from Billie Eilish and Wiz Khalifa. There is also regular MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events called “ONE Championship “being show here as well.

Most of the time, this social platform is populated with adults. Sometimes, some group of kids and youngsters will be joining here as well. Usually, they are very nice and behave. As additional info, you can also see the upcoming events and mark it using Oculus Apps so you’ll not miss it. By the way, you can also take your selfie too. Nice feature.

Main Highlight: This apps is developed by Facebook VR. Hence, that’s why their official website below sounds familiar 🙂

Official Website: https://www.oculus.com/

2) AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR Social Apps

In AltspaceVR, you can attend live shows, join classes, meetups and gatherings. You can also organize your own meetups, class and show as well. Some great events that taking place in this platform are red carpet premiere of “Baba Yaga” that was attended by Jennifer Hudson and Daisy Ridley, virtual music video with rapper Pitbull and keynote by Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s Head of Mixed Reality.

For your info, this community platform is developed by Microsoft and it is part of their Mixed Reality division. This platform must be something since it got strong backup from giant company. Great!

Main Highlight: Every night, there is a spotlight event scheduled at 7PM PT that you can join and mingle with people around the world.

Official Website: http://www.altvr.com/

3) Bigscreen


Bigscreen is another social platform apps that we enjoy a lot in Oculus Quest 2. Most of the time, we used it to watch movies or TV shows. Sometimes, they will also show the live streams such as the SpaceX launches.

We really love the feeling of watching the shows and films inside the cinema. You can also throw around your popcorns and soda drink like in real movie theater. Furthermore, you can use this platform to hang out with your friends in social VR chat rooms.

Main Highlight: You can also watch 3D movies in the virtual theatre too.

Official Website: http://bigscreenvr.com/

4) Rec Room

Rec Room
Rec Room

In Rec Room, you can play a lot of games and have fun parties with your friends. Most of the times, you can see kids hanging around in this platform to play games like paintball and shooter type of game.

Usually, we use this platform for festival gathering and organizing the paintball game among us. Just to add, the avatar in this platform looks nearly similar like those from the Roblox. Looks so kiddo, but still entertaining.

Beside playing games, you can also explore millions of player-created rooms that you can hang out and have a chat with other Rec Roomers.

Main Highlight: Not just play the games, but you and your friends can also build your own new games. That’s awesome!

Official Website: http://www.recroom.com/

5) VRChat


VRChat is another popular social networking platform on the internet. This platform allows you to play social games and connect with your friends. It also hosts large global community of gamers, artists, entertainers, creators, musicians and many more.

This social platform also emphasizes a lot on the look of your avatar. Hence, you got freedom to fully customize your avatars to attract the attention.

Main Highlight: It is so popular especially among kids until there is advice that mention “Parental Guidance Recommended“.

Official Website: https://vrchat.com/

6) Alcove


Alcove looks like a more family oriented social networking platform. In this community apps, you will have your own serene, virtual home where you can invite people you know to enjoy the activities together. Some examples of the activities are like playing casual games, watching videos and shows on large TV, listen to music, relaxation and meditation.

Beside that, you can also have a group travel with your family and friends to enjoy other parts of the world. If you want to have social activities with privacy and close space, this is the suitable apps for you.

Main Highlight: You can have your virtual pet and play with them also. So sweet!!

Official Website: https://alcovevr.com/

7) Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds
Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds from Facebook allows you to explore and play together with people around the globe in variety of new worlds created inside this social platform. In this social tools, you can discover new places, solve interactive puzzles or compete in action-packed games with your friends.

Furthermore, you can also design your own virtual world that you can share with the members of the community.

Main Highlight: This apps is still in Beta version and based on “Invite-Only“. If you still want to try it, then you can join the waitlist by visiting their website below.

Official Website: http://www.oculus.com/facebookhorizon


Are you now getting excited to try VR after you read this? If you don’t have a VR headset yet, we think this is the right time for you to get it 🙂

That’s all for now, guys. Hope this can help you to choose the most suitable social networking apps for you to enjoy with your Oculus Quest 2. In case you want to see other top games and apps based on different genres or categories, hope this article can help you with it. Have fun!

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