5 Best VR Racing Games for Oculus Quest 2

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5 Best VR Racing Games for Oculus Quest 2

Best VR Racing Games for Oculus Quest

Once in a while, you might want to release your adrenaline rush by playing a high speed racing game in VR. But you are not too sure what is the good choice for you. In this article, we would like to share with you the top and best racing games for Oculus Quest 2 from our point of view.

1) Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World Racing Game
Dash Dash World

For us, “Dash Dash World” is the best racing game on the native Oculus Quest 2. It has over 13 unique tracks and you can race up to 8 friends. Not just racing, but you also can destroy your opponents car with the weird and funny weapons. With the super-duper cute car and racer avatar, you can feel a bit like in the “Mario Kart” video games.

Main Highlights: It has options to prevent motion sickness. Furthermore, it has regular online tournaments as well.

Official Website: https://www.DashDashRacing.com/

2) Death Lap

Dash Death Lap Racing Game
Death Lap

This is a brutal kind of racing game. “Death Lap” is actually a survival game where you are thrown into a deadly TV show by a maniacal villain named Nitro Saint Payne. To win your freedom, you must race and battle other drivers by doing a lot of pointing, shooting and destroying everything on your path. To summarize, it is a VR combat racing game.

Main Highlight: You can have a VoIP chat to communicate with your opponents.

Official Website: https://www.ozwe.com/deathlap/

3) Mini Motor Racing X

Mini Motor Racing X
Mini Motor Racing X

This is also a great racing game on Oculus Quest 2. “Mini Motor Racing X” game also has successfully captured the feeling of being inside the legendary “Mario Kart” racing games. Furthermore, they has quite a large number of tracks which is over 50 tracks that you can enjoy with.

Main Highlight: You can race inside your car or you can race “on top” of your car. Something like the “God Mode” where you can see your hand controlling your small car running around on the ground.

Official Website: https://www.thebinarymill.com/

4) Void Racer: Extreme

Void Racer Extreme
Void Racer: Extreme

Void Racer: Extreme” is a great superbike game that is set in the futuristic world. They has 12 tracks that you can play inside this racing game. It reminds us of the racing scene in the “TRON” movie.

Main Highlight: It has the realistic bike leaning where if you corner hard during the game, you can see the ground come very close to you.

Official Website: https://coplanargames.com/

5) V-Speedway Alpha

V-Speedway Alpha
V-Speedway Alpha

V-Speedway Alpha” is really like an arcade style of game. Just race with simple rules and no complex physics involved. In this game, you can race up to eleven opponents or you can test your own skills against the clock. You decide.

Main Highlight: Please take note that this is a game from App Lab.

Official Website: https://commuter.games/

A word of caution. If you are very, very new to VR, there is a high possibility that you’ll get motion sickness when you begin to play it. Don’t get discourage by it. There are many ways how you can reduce your motion sickness and get your “VR Leg” soon enough.

Well, that’s all for now guys. Since Oculus Quest 2 is still new, hence the choices are quite limited. Nevertheless, all of them are still fun and enjoyable to play. In case we stumble upon more quality game in the future, we will definitely add them here. In case you want to see other top games and apps based on other genres or categories, we hope that this article can help you with it. Happy driving!


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