Top 10 Reasons to Buy Oculus Quest 2

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Oculus Quest 2

Top Reasons to Buy Oculus Quest 2

Recently updated on April 29th, 2021 at 03:08 am

So, you’ve heard about this cool and glamorous virtual reality gadget called “Oculus Quest 2“. And you now are in “50-50” whether to buy it or not. Well, no worry guys. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy and owned Oculus Quest 2.

1) You Required VR or Want to Try It

For some reason, you need to purchase VR device. Perhaps, you’ve heard too much story about how cool and exciting this VR headset is that you feel the urge to try this out yourself. Or maybe you just receive some assignments or tasks from your boss or lecturers that required some VR devices.

As compared with other high end VR devices, Oculus Quest 2 is a good choice for you to since the price is low and not too pricey. So, if anything happen in future, you’ll not have too much of regret cost or catastrophic loss once you buy it.

2) You are VR Enthusiast or Fan

This is the number one reason if you called yourself as the VR enthusiast or hard core fan. We have waited quite a long time for this moment. And luckily it’s coming now. There are quite a number of social media groups or pages that has been created to support the Oculus Quest 2 community.

Or maybe you are the proud owner of Oculus Quest 1 and still considering whether it is worth to upgrade to Oculus Quest 2. Based from the feedbacks and comments in social media, there is really significant improvement from Oculus Quest 1 to Oculus Quest 2 that it is really worth it to upgrade. One of it is because Quest 2 has 50% more pixels than its predecessor.

3) It’s a Wireless VR

It is a very convenience experience not to be tangle with all the wires while enjoying it. It’s really feel like a freedom where you can move around anywhere without worrying that you might trip down on those wires. The feeling of being detach from the wires is really significant and hard to describe in words.

4) It’s a Stand Alone VR

You do not need high end PC VR to enjoy this stuff. This VR headset can work by its own since it has it’s own processor, memory and storage inside it. But make sure that you have a smartphone where you need to install the “Oculus App” first during the initial setup. However, if you want more choices of apps and games, you can always use it together with your PC or laptop. Recommended that it is a PC VR type of machine.

5) Abundance of VR Content

There are many content that are ready to be downloaded or purchase from it’s official store which is “Oculus Store“. The contents are like games, fitness apps, productivity tools, utilities, social VR apps, immersive videos, education and many more. This reason alone is enough for you to buy Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Oculus Store
Oculus Store

If it is still not enough, you can also get more choices of apps from SteamVR. To enjoy the apps from SteamVR, you might need to use it together with SideQuest, Virtual Desktop or Oculus Air Link. Don’t worry, there are a lot of tutorials and YouTube videos that can guide you on how to do it.

6) Great Display

With the high resolution of 1832×1920 px per eye, this VR headset provides a great display for you to watch and enjoy the content. The display is really sharp, crisp and clear. There is nearly no “Screen-door Effect” being experience when we use this device.

7) Awesome Touch Controllers

Beside the VR headset, it also comes with two Touch Controllers. This controllers will give you more power to control your virtual environment. Something like how your mouse help you when you use the laptop or PC. If you don’t want to use the Touch Controllers, you can also switch to use your hand gesture since the device also support hand tracking capability. Cool, isn’t it?

8) Socialize & Talk to Someone

If you are lonely and have the need to socialize like ‘face to face’, then you can use this to interact with other people too using the multiplayer mode. They are now many people jumping on this Oculus Quest 2 bandwagon. The range are from kids, adults and also the elderly too.

9) Reduce Weight & Keep Healthy

The games that require your physical movement can make you sweat your whole body. It’s nearly like you are doing exercise. Example of the apps are like “Beat Saber” and “The Climb“. If you want to consider a more serious workout apps, there are also a bunch of apps dedicated for this purpose. For example “VZfit“, “FitXR” and “Holofit“.

There are some real cases where the player successfully reduce their weight when using this apps or playing the games. Might work for you too…

10) Low Price

Last but not least, it is very, very affordable. For a VR device that can nearly perform and give satisfaction like a high-end VR device, the price is considered cheap and low enough. The price of USD$ 299 or USD$ 399 is low if compared to the thousands of dollar that you might need to spend on the VR headset with the PC VR.

So far that’s all the strong and main reasons that we can think of right now. You might not need to get all the reasons to justify your purchase of Oculus Quest 2. Even one of them might be enough reason for you to buy and owned it. So, what you’re waiting for? 😉

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