What You Get During Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing?

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What You Get During Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing?

Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing

Recently updated on April 9th, 2021 at 09:31 pm

Previously, we already talk about the box of the Oculus Quest 2. Now, let’s see what do we get when we unboxing the Oculus Quest 2. What we will receive inside the box? Hmm… let’s see..

For your info, Oculus Quest 2 comes with two types of storage option which are 64 GB and 256 GB. We bought the latter which is the 256 GB. Hopefully, we are making the right choice 🙂

Well, obviously we need to remove the plastic wrap first. And here is what we see when we open up the box.

Open Oculus Quest 2 Box
Opening Oculus Quest 2 Box

VR Headset

This is the main highlight of all the items inside the box. To view the virtual reality world, you need this thing. For your info, the resolution for each eye is 1832 x 1920 px. And it has around 50% more pixels as compared to the previous Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset
Oculus Quest 2 Headset
Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset
From the back

Touch Controllers

You need this to select menu, point, pick things, fighting tools and many more inside the virtual environment. Here, you’ll receive two of them. It has the label to show which one is ‘Left’ and which one is ‘Right’. What interesting is that it also support the cool hand tracking feature. Wow!! Can’t wait to try it guys.

Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers
Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers
Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers
Another view of the Controllers

Charging Cable

Obviously it is used to charge your VR headset.

Oculus Quest 2 Charging Cable
The Charging Cable

Power Adapter

To be used together with the charging cable to charge your headset. Depending on your country, you might need to have another plug adapter to use it.

Oculus Quest 2 Power Adapter
The Power Adapter

Glasses Spacer

This is specifically made for those who wear glasses or spectacles so they are comfortable using this VR headset while still wearing their glasses.

Glasses Spacer
Glasses Spacer

AA Batteries

Luckily, they already provide the batteries. Hence, no need for us to rush to the nearby store to purchase them. The batteries are for the controllers. But, don’t be surprise and don’t panic if you can’t see the batteries because they already put it inside your controllers. So, once you setup your headset, you can immediately used your controllers.

Reference Guide

Yeap, the hardcopy Reference Guide is also included to make it easy for you to flip around.

Reference Guide
Oculus Quest 2 Reference Guide

Safety and Warranty Guide

This is a MUST, MUST, MUST read for you before you start using or setup your Oculus Quest 2. That’s a lot of things that you must take care and be extra cautious that you need to know. Some of them might surprises you. For example, I’m surprise to know that this stuff is only for people age 13 and above. Ouch!!

Safety and Warranty Guide
Oculus Quest 2 Safety & Warranty Guide

That’s a little bit on the physical things or items that you get when unboxing the Oculus Quest 2. For other accessories, you might need to add-on or purchase it separately such as the carrying case, link cable, Elite Strap, charging dock etc.

Hopefully, this article might give benefit to some of you. For more information, you can visit the official Quest 2 official website at https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/.

And lastly, thank you to Sis Classy for the photography session. They are doing amazing job in the short time with good lighting. You may visit their website at https://www.sisclassy.com/ or Sis Classy IG (Instagram) to know more about them.

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