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Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2

What is the Difference & Comparison between Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2?

In this article, we would take a look at the difference between “Meta Quest Pro” and “Meta Quest 2“. We hope that this comparison of Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2 can help you to choose your VR headset more wisely. Here, we will only choose the distinctive features between them to compare. Check…
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Meta Quest Pro

What is Meta Quest Pro VR Headset & Its Specifications?

Recently updated on June 20th, 2023 at 12:02 amRecently, Meta company announced their new virtual reality headset which is called Meta Quest Pro during Meta Connect 2022 event on 11th October 2022. In this article we will share you more about this sleek design headset together with its specifications and price. Hope you can get…
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Highlights During Meta Connect 2022

8 Main Highlights During Meta Connect 2022

On 11th October 2022, there was an event called Meta Connect 2022 which was being held virtually. Prior to this, the event name is Facebook Connect. This is the first “Connect” event after they rebrand their company name from “Facebook” to “Meta“. They also rename the event as Meta Connect. In case you missed it, here we…
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