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Reduce Motion Sickness in VR

12 Ways to Overcome or Reduce Motion Sickness in VR

Let’s say you just bought a VR headset such as Oculus Quest 2 after heard people having so much fun playing VR. However when you try it yourselves, you experience this kind of uneasiness feeling such as nausea or dizziness. This is what we normally call as motion sickness in VR. Now, suddenly VR is…
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Exit Out Of Apps

How to Quit or Exit Out of Apps on Oculus Quest 2?

After we unboxed our highly anticipated Oculus Quest 2, now is the time for us to try the game ourselves. The first game that we played when we got our Oculus Quest 2 is “Beat Saber Demo“. During end of the game, we are very clueless on how to exit out of the apps and…
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Wander FB Live

How we Fix Facebook Livestreaming for Wander App?

Yesterday, when we were in the middle of exploring the Wander app using our Oculus Quest 2, we suddenly notice the Live Stream button when we click on the Oculus Menu. Wow!! This is a great opportunity to boast our Quest 2 capability to our FB Friends via the Facebook Livestreaming for Wander app. For…
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NVPD VR Training

How to Use VR in Police Officer Training?

Remember during our childhood time in the 90s where we love to pretend being a cool police by playing the arcade game called “Virtua Cop“. Some part of the game really mimic the actual scenario such as the need to differentiate between the bad guy and the hostage. You must be very careful not to…
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