How to Make Money with VR or Generate Income With It?

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How to Make Money with VR or Generate Income With It?

Make Money with VR

Although virtual reality is a very niche market, but there are some possible ways to make money with VR. Let us share with you some of our findings that might help you give some ideas on how to generate income with the virtual reality stuffs and technology…

1) Careers, Jobs & Working

Getting hired might be the fastest way to make money with your VR skills, competency and knowledge. This can be fulltime job or might be contract job. You will get the money in terms of salary or paycheck. You can also progress well in your career path if you follow the right track or succession planning. As a guidance, you can check some of the professions, occupations or careers related with virtual reality in here.

2) Training & Education

You can also try using the academic path to make money with virtual reality. You can be lecturer, tutor or teacher in the subject related with VR such as mathematics, computer graphics, animation, software engineering, multimedia or the virtual reality subject itself. You can check some examples of the universities and colleges that offer the virtual reality courses here.

3) Start Your Own Company or Business

If you have strong courage and dare to take the risk, you might want to start your own company related with the VR industry. Examples are like the develop your own VR apps or be a reseller of the VR products. If your startup company is successful and attractive, maybe some giant company will buy the company from you and can make you a millionaire or billionaire. For example, when Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 with the value of $2 billion.

4) Generate Income by Publishing Apps

You can also develop your own apps such as games, tools or utilities. And then publish or sell it online through the store like Apple App Store, Google Play or Oculus Store.

5) Freelancer

If you don’t want to be tie up with the company rules, you might consider become a freelancer that is based on projects. So, your commitment is based on the project deliverables. Normally, if the task involved software development for VR applications, you might need to equip yourself with programming skills such as Unity, Unreal Engine or the mobile apps development tools.

6) Publish eBook or Digital Book

If you have good knowledge and experience on virtual reality, maybe you can consider sharing your knowledge with the public in the digital format. You can try publish your own eBook or Digital Book that you can sell online such as Clickbank or Amazon Kindle Store.

7) Affiliate

Or if you do not have time, effort and cost to develop your own products or eBooks, you can join the affiliate program. In this way you only need to promote other people products or eBooks and let the buyer buy them from you. So, in this way you can also enjoy the commission out of it.

8) Youtube

You can also create your own Youtube Channel. Your content might be the review of the VR stuffs, new VR devices, the “How To” tutorials or the walkthrough of the games. You can start monetize from it once you reach the Youtube requirements such as minimum 1,000 subscribers on your channel and 4,000 watch time hours.

9) Blogging

If you are someone that are willing to write articles, maybe blogging is a way for you to generate income from VR. This is done via advertisement at your blog. Whenever people visit your site or click on the ads, then you can enjoy the commission from it.

10) Event Management

If you have many set of the VR equipment, maybe you can do something like VR party or VR events too.

11) Rent the VR Equipment

Or maybe you can rent your VR equipment maybe by day or weekly basis. Some examples of the equipment that you can rent out are the VR headset, handheld controllers, motion capture system or maybe your VR studio. There might be some people who want to try it first before deciding to buy it. Or maybe they seldom use it and want to use it based on certain event or occasion.

12) Streamer

If you are into gaming seriously, you might want to take a shot of becoming a Streamer. You will broadcasts yourself online through a live stream while you are playing video game. The popular platform right now to do this are Twitch and Youtube.

13) Stocks or Investment

If you are someone with a lot of money and capital, you might want to put some of it into the company related with virtual reality. It might take quite some time for the ROI (Return on Investment). To do this, you might want to do a lot of analysis since it is quite a high risk since the technology sector related stocks are quite volatile. Some examples of the hottest stocks related with virtual reality are Facebook (FB), Sony Corp. (SNE), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Qualcomm (QCOM) and Nvidia Corp. (NVDA).

14) Video Content Creator

You can also create your own video content in VR either in the 360 degrees or 180 degrees format. Some of the subjects are like virtual tourism or documentary. Then you can publish it in the channels that can support the viewing in VR format such as Youtube or the Oculus TV.

15) Speaker at Seminar, Forum or Webinar

If you are somebody in the VR industry or have a vast experiences in it, you might want to be a speaker or panel at platform like seminar, forum or webinar. As a speaker, you might receive the payment in the form of honorarium from the organizer.

16) Photography

If you have some nice pictures or photos related with virtual reality, you might want to monetize them by selling it as a digital products to platforms like Pixabay or Shutterstock.

17) Novelist, Screenwriter or Scriptwriter

If you have creative and artistic mind with wild imagination on the virtual reality stuffs, you might want to try creating a masterpiece out of it. You can be a novelist, screenwriter or scriptwriter for that work. Audience will appreciate it more since you have genuine interest in the virtual reality subject. For example is the “Ready Player One” novel or the VR related movies like “The Matrix“.

18) Social Media Influencer

Or you can opt to become social media influencer that is specialized in the virtual reality industry or niche. You can build up your followers from the social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and others. Normally, you generate the income via sponsors or the product placement.

So far, that’s all for now from us. This might also be applicable to other industry such as MR (Mixed Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) as well. In case there is any more ways to make money with VR, then we shall add it here as well for our reference together. For your info, image above is by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay


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