How to Take or Record Video in Oculus Quest 2?

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How to Take or Record Video in Oculus Quest 2?

Take or Record Video in Oculus Quest 2

While playing game or using apps on Oculus Quest 2, you might encounter some wonderful moment that you want to capture in the video format. You might want to keep it as your personal treasure or want to share it with your family and friends. Might be for the purpose of showing off a bit to them 🙂

Well, how you can do that? In this article, we would like to share with you the steps on how you can take or record video in Oculus Quest 2.

Let’s say that you are already in the middle of the apps that you are using. Here, we used “Wander” apps as an example. You found out that the location is very fascinating and has awesome view. Hence, you decide to record the video of you travelling in it virtually.

1) Press Oculus Button

Wait no longer. First, press the Oculus Button that located on your right Oculus Touch Controller.

Oculus Button
Oculus Button on Right Touch Controller

2) Select Record Video

The screen below will appear. Next, you select the “Record Video” menu.

Record Video in Quest 2
Record Video in Quest 2

3) Select Start Recording

Then you can see a window pop-up with title “Record Video” will appear. Enable the “Include Mic Audio” if you plan to record the audio as well. Once you are ready, click on the “Start Recording” button.

Start Recording
Start Recording

4) Recording Begin

After that, you’ll notice a red dot appears near the top right of your view. It means that the recording is in progress. It will looks something like in the yellow box in the image below.

Red Dot Recording
Red Dot of Recording

5) Press Oculus Button Again

Once you decide to finish the video recording, press the Oculus Button again.

6) Select Record Video Again to Stop

The screen below will appear again. To stop the video recording, select the “Record Video” button again.

Stop Video Recording
Stop Video Recording

7) Notification Message Appears

Finally, a notification message will appear which says “Video Saved. You can view your video now.” This means that your video is successfully captured and recorded.

Any Other Quick Way to Do It?

Well, another option is to use the “Voice Commands” function. You just need to activate the Voice Commands function and then speak the instructions which are:

  1. Start recording
  2. Stop recording

Sounds easy, huh? Unfortunately, we can’t show or demo the steps because the functionality is only currently available for user in United States that using English as the default language. Sigh…

Lastly, Where You Can Find the Video?

You can find the video the same way as when you want to find the screenshot images.

  1. Press the Oculus Button.
  2. Select “Sharing” tab.
  3. Select the “View All” button.

If you would like to see the images of the process above, you can view it inside the tutorial of how to take screenshots in Oculus Quest 2.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully, it will be useful for you 🙂

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