How we Fix Facebook Livestreaming for Wander App?

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How we Fix Facebook Livestreaming for Wander App?

Wander FB Live

Yesterday, when we were in the middle of exploring the Wander app using our Oculus Quest 2, we suddenly notice the Live Stream button when we click on the Oculus Menu. Wow!! This is a great opportunity to boast our Quest 2 capability to our FB Friends via the Facebook Livestreaming for Wander app. For your info, Wander is an apps that enable you to teleport yourself all around the world and having fun travel virtually.

Excited about it, we try to click on it and hope that it will appear instantly on our Facebook’s timeline. However, it seems that the FB Live does not appear. We try to repeat the same process over and over again and the result is still the same. Sigh…

It really make us feel very frustrated because we can’t wait to show off our Quest 2 inside the Facebook. So, based on some googling, we try this step:

Our Steps to Fix the FB Livestream…

  1. Quit the Wander app. If you are not sure how to do this, then you can refer here on how to exit the apps.
  2. Logout from the Facebook apps.
  3. Restart our smartphone.
  4. Login back to our Facebook apps.
  5. Restart the Oculus Quest 2.
  6. Once the headset is on, then you click on the Oculus Menu button at your right Touch Controllers. This is to bring up the universal menu.
  7. Then, you click on the Arrow button which is actually the Sharing button.
  8. Click on the Go Live. Then fill up all the necessary configuration.
  9. Then click on “Start Livestreaming“.
  10. Next, we try to refresh our Facebook’s timeline.
  11. Voila, now we can see that we are LIVE on Facebook. Bravo to us!!
  12. Open up the Wander app and play it as usual while we livestream. And along the way, makes our friends jealous too 😉

Here is the proof that we have done it at last. Yahooo!!!!

Facebook Livestreaming for Wander
Facebook Livestreaming for Wander

Well, it seems that the action of “logout & login” and restart the devices does the magic. And we still can’t comprehend that. We are not sure whether the steps above is applicable for others users as well. For us, it looks like it is working.

Perhaps, you can try use the steps from the official Oculus Support site first. When we end the livestreaming, it takes quite some time for the recorded video to properly loaded on the Facebook page. Maybe it depends on the wifi or network strength too.

Anyway, the effort is worth it, guys! We got few ‘Likes’ from our friends and some are asking the name of the VR device and also the price. We feel so good that we just make people become interested in VR 🙂


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