List of Virtual Reality or VR Tutorials, References & Learning Materials

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

List of Virtual Reality or VR Tutorials, References & Learning Materials

Below is the list of VR tutorials and references. We also try to provide some learning materials related with virtual reality. We are trying our best to update it frequently fro time to time.

The VR Tutorials Are…
Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality or VR

To explain the definition and meaning of Virtual Reality or VR.

Definition & Meaning of Augmented Reality or AR

To explain the definition and meaning of Augmented Reality or AR.

Definition & Meaning of Mixed Reality or MR

To explain the definition and meaning of Mixed Reality or MR.

Difference Between VR, AR and MR

To explain the difference between VR, AR and MR.

History of Virtual Reality

Get to know the history of virtual reality in a chronological manner.

IMU or Inertial Measurement Unit

IMU or Inertial Measurement Unit is usually used in motion tracking system.

Racing Simulator Cockpit

Racing simulator cockpit as part of a virtual reality system.

Virtual Reality Jobs and Careers

The types of virtual reality jobs, works, careers occupations.

Issues & Challenges of Mobile Virtual Reality Systems

Although it is cheap and easy to build, mobile VR got their own shares of issues and challenges.

What is WebVR & How Does It Work?

Know more about this open specification that is using JavaScript API that able to introduce a way to experience virtual reality by using your web browser.

How to Make Simple VR Scenery Photos?

Step by step on how to create your own simple VR scenery photos by using Cardboard Camera.

Sense of Smell in VR

Brief explanation on how to sniff and add sense of smell in virtual reality environment.

The Best VR Movies & Top Virtual Reality Films of All Time

List of movies that give big impact to the world interest in VR.

List of Extreme Sports in VR

List of extreme sports that you can experience in VR.

What are Popular Museum VR Tour That You Can Visit Virtually?

List of popular museum VR tour that you can experience.

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