VR Glossary: Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality Terminology

Virtual Reality, VR, Immersive Technology & Simulated Environment

VR Glossary: Definition & Meaning of Virtual Reality Terminology

VR Glossary

Below is the VR glossary that contains the list of terminology used widely in the Virtual Reality (VR) area and industry together with their definition and meaning. This is a growing list as I’ll keep updating the list from time to time.  I hope that the information below can help you to understand it easily.


6DOF a.k.a Six Degrees of Freedom
This refers to the direction of the movement of an object in a three-dimensional (3D) space. The movement consists of forward/backward, right/left, up/down, pitch, roll and yaw.


Active Shutter 3D
It is a technique to display the 3D stereoscopic images by showing the left eye image and the right eye image alternately in a very fast manner.

It is a method to create the illusion of three-dimensional image with depth perspective by combining the right-eye-view image and left-eye-view image in one single image.

AR a.k.a Augmented Reality
It is a technology or method to combine or integrate the virtual or digital objects with the live environment and real surrounding.

It is a representation of the people or user in the virtual environment in the form of virtual figure, icon or character.


It stands for “Cave Automatic Virtual Environment”. It is a virtual reality environment using projectors where they are directed to the walls of a room-sized cube.


Data Glove
It is a type of glove embedded with sensors that can sense the movement of hands which can then be use to manipulate or move the objects in the virtual environment. Also known as wired glove.


Extended Reality
Also known as XR, it refers to all real and virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.


FOV (Field of View)
It is the area or coverage that a person can see through their eyes or via optical device.


This is a kind of technology that focus on the sense of touch where it simulates the feeling of touching or having contact with the virtual objects by applying the vibrations, forces and motions to the body part of the users.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
It is a technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. So you can have greater contrast between light and dark.

HMD a.k.a Head-Mounted Display
It is a device that you put or wear on your head which can display the virtual reality environment to your eyes.

It is a technique to display the three-dimensional objects that can be viewed correctly from any direction or angle hence giving the illusion that the objects are really there.


IPD (Interpupillary Distance)
It is the distance between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. It is measured in milimeters.


It is the time difference between the user physical action and the reflection of that action in the virtual environment. Also known as lag time.


Mocap a.k.a Motion Capture
It is a technique to record the actual movement of a person or object and then translate it to a digital form so that the information can be used in the virtual or digital environment. It is also known as motion tracking.

MR (Mixed Reality)
It is the merging of the virtual and real worlds where the physical and digital objects interact with each other in real time thus produce new environments and visualizations.


ODT a.k.a Omnidirectional Treadmill
It is a special kind of treadmill device that can allows people to walk or move in any direction in the virtual environment.


Screen-Door Effect
The fine lines separating pixels that is visible in the displayed image. You can see the visible gaps or space between pixels when viewing the screen or display very closely.

It is a process or approach to mimic or imitate the real environment inside the virtual environment.

It is a technique or method to enhance the three-dimensional (3D) viewing of a media such as image or video by introducing the illusion of depth to it.


It is a techonology to mimic that you are present in the particular location although your physical body is at somewhere else.


VE a.k.a Virtual Environment
It is an environment which is created digitally using computer technology that can make the user feel like he or she is there. Furthermore, they can also explore and manipulate the objects in that digital world.

VR a.k.a Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a technology or method where people can feel and experience with their senses like they are really inside an artificial or simulated environment.


It is a shortform for Extended Reality.

That is the list of VR glossary so far from us. We will keep updating it from time to time.


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