What is Apple Vision Pro MR Headset & Its Specifications?

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What is Apple Vision Pro MR Headset & Its Specifications?

Apple Vision Pro Specs

In this article we will share you more about the latest MR (Mixed Reality) headset from Apple called “Apple Vision Pro” together with its specifications and price. Hope you can get some idea of the Apple Vision Pro specs and get some benefit from it…

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is the latest MR headset from Apple and it was announced sometime in June 2023. For Apple, they also called it as a device for spatial computing where it can blend the digital content with your physical space seamlessly.

While using this headset, you can navigate it by using your eyes, hands and voice. In social media, they used the short form “AVP” to refer to this product.

What is the Operating System Being Used?

Apple Vision Pro uses visionOS as its Operating System.

What is the Display of Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro display uses 3D display system, Micro-OLED that can offer up to 23 million pixels. It also has 7.5‑micron pixel pitch with 92% DCI‑P3. Simply said, it has more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye. Awesome!

In terms of Refresh Rate, it can support 90Hz, 96Hz and 100Hz. Besides, this device can also supports playback multiples of 24fps and 30fps for judder‑free video.

The IPD (Interpupillary Distance) in the device is 51–75 mm.

What Kind of Chips or Processors Used by Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro uses two type of chips which are M2 Chip and R1 Chip.

M2 Chip is a 8‑core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. Besides, it also has 10‑core GPU and 16‑core Neural Engine. Furthermore, it also has 16GB unified memory.

R1 Chip is a processor specifically designed for mixed reality headsets. It has 256GB/s memory bandwidth and 12‑millisecond photon‑to‑photon latency.

What is the Camera Specs?

Fun fact, guys! Apple Vision Pro is actually the first 3D camera for Apple. This headset uses Stereoscopic 3D main camera system with 6.5 stereo megapixels. It has 18 mm, ƒ/2.00 aperture and can support spatial photo and video capture.

Another fun fact is that you can also take spatial videos with your iPhone 15 Pro, then later you can view them on Apple Vision Pro.

How About the Sensors?

The sensors in this device is great and has many features in it. It has two high‑resolution main cameras, six world‑facing tracking cameras and four eye‑tracking cameras. Furthermore, it has four inertial measurement units (IMUs).

It also support TrueDepth camera and LiDAR Scanner. To add, it also has flicker sensor and also ambient light sensor as well.

How About the Audio Technology & Quality?

This headset comes with personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking and audio ray tracing. It also has six‑mic array with directional beamforming. Furthermore, it supports H2‑to‑H2 ultra‑low‑latency connection to AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C).

What Type of Storage or Capacity Offers for AVP?

Apple Vision Pro comes with three options which are 256GB, 512GB or 1TB.

How About Its Battery?

The battery can lasts up to 2 hours of general use. And for video watching, it can be extended to 2.5 hours. If the time is not enough, you can still use it while charging the battery.

What is the Weight of this MR Headset?

Apple Vision Pro weight is around 600 to 650 grams or 21.2 to 22.9 ounces. The separate battery weighs around 353 grams.

What is the Price of Apple Vision Pro?

Based from checking on 14th February 2024 inside the Apple website, the price of Apple Vision Pro start from USD 3,499. Here is what you get when your order your Apple Vision Pro…

Apple Vision Pro Accessories
Apple Vision Pro Accessories (Image: Apple)


We hope our article on the Apple Vision Pro specs above can help you in your decision making. For more info, you can read it at:

  1. The Official Website of Apple Vision Pro.

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