What is the Difference & Comparison between Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2?

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What is the Difference & Comparison between Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2?

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2

In this article, we would take a look at the difference between “Meta Quest Pro” and “Meta Quest 2“. We hope that this comparison of Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2 can help you to choose your VR headset more wisely. Here, we will only choose the distinctive features between them to compare. Check it out…

1) Release or Launch Date

Meta Quest 2: Released on 13th October 2020. Meaning to say, it is already here since two years ago and has gone through many software updates.

Meta Quest Pro: Released on 11th October 2022. This is the latest VR headset offering from Meta. And they learn a lot from Meta Quest 2 on how to make this a better VR headset.

2) Resolution

Meta Quest 2: It has the resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye. And the Refresh Rate supported is 60, 72 and 90 Hz.

Meta Quest Pro: Simply said, this headset has 4x higher resolution compared to Quest 2. Furthermore, the optical stack is slimmed down by 40%. And it has 75% greater contrast with 1.3x larger color gamut.

3) Processor

Meta Quest 2: It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform.

Meta Quest Pro: It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor. The use of this latest processor enable it to have 50% more power than its predecessor.

4) Storage

Meta Quest 2: It comes with two choices which are 128 GB and 256 GB.

Meta Quest Pro: Only one choice which is 256 GB.

5) RAM

Meta Quest 2: It has 6 GB of RAM.

Meta Quest Pro: It has 12 GB of RAM. Double from its predecessor.

6) Mixed Reality Capability

Meta Quest 2: The passthrough is in black and white. Meaning to say, from your headset, you can see the surrounding of your real world in the grainy, black and white color. Like watching the old television at your grandparent’s home.

Meta Quest Pro: The passthrough is high resolution with high definition color. Simply said, this headset offer Full-color Mixed Reality (MR) capability. This is a major feature and breakthrough to distinguish it from Quest 2.

7) Touch Controllers

Meta Quest 2: Ergonomically upgraded from Oculus Quest 1.

Meta Quest Pro: This is another new game changer from Meta. We love the sleek design and the pattern of the button. Its controller comes with 3 cameras and a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller. So it can better track your motion 360-degree in virtual space. It also has TruTouch haptic feedback for more intuitive VR experience.

8) Charging Dock

Meta Quest 2: Does not come with charging dock. You must buy it separately.

Meta Quest Pro: It comes with its own charging dock. Cool!!

9) Battery Position

Meta Quest 2: The battery position is at the front of the headset. So this can make the frontal part of your head feel heavy and pressure your nose if use for a long time.

Meta Quest Pro: The battery position is now at the back of the headset. This will relieve some pain at the frontal part of your face. So, the headset is now more balance since the weight is distributed more equally than before.

10) Price

Meta Quest 2: You can get it with less than USD400. From their website, the price is USD399.99 for the 128GB storage. And USD499.99 for 256GB storage.

Meta Quest Pro: Price is more than USD1k. From their website, the price is USD1,499.99.

In Summary…

This is our personal opinion on how you can decide which one to choose…

Meta Quest 2:

  1. If you want to try VR with smaller budget.
  2. If you are a beginner in VR and want to experimenting with it.
  3. You are not sure how long will you use this stuff.
  4. Mixed reality is not a must have feature for you.

Meta Quest Pro:

  1. If you have bigger budget since the price is way high than Quest 2.
  2. You are serious about working and collaborate with your teams in virtual world.
  3. You plan to use it in the long run.
  4. You really, really need the mixed reality capability and will use it a lot.

We think that’s all for now on the comparison between Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2. Hope this can help you in your VR journey. Have fun choosing 🙂

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