What is PICO 4 VR Headset & Its Specifications?

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What is PICO 4 VR Headset & Its Specifications?

PICO 4 VR Headset

Recently updated on June 20th, 2023 at 12:03 am

There is a new VR gadget & device coming to town which is PICO 4 VR headset. This headset also comes with the hand controllers as well. For info, PICO 4 is produced by one of ByteDance‘s subsidiary. As most of you already knew, ByteDance is famously known as the owner of the popular TikTok social media apps.

What is PICO 4?

PICO 4 is a VR headset made by ByteDance.  It is an all-in-one VR headset that can be used as standalone or with a PC if you want to. As a standalone VR, you can enjoy playing it without worry being tangled up with wire around your body.

It also comes with its own hand controllers as well which seems a necessity nowadays with VR headset.

How Big is the Size of PICO 4 VR Headset?

Below images show the PICO 4 VR dimensions. It can give you a rough idea on how big the VR headset is. It is quite compact and small enough for you to bring it everywhere.

PICO 4 VR Dimensions
PICO 4 VR Dimensions (Image: PICO)

What is the Weight of PICO 4 VR?

The weight of PICO 4 VR is around 295 grams. Quite lightweight, isn’t it?

What is PICO 4 VR Resolution?

PICO 4 VR headset has a 4K+ Super Vision display. It uses two 2.56-inch Fast-LCD screens. The resolution is around 2K per eye. To be exact the resolution is 4,320 x 2,160 which translate to 2,160 x 2,160 per eye.

It also has the performance of 1200 PPI and 20.6 PPD. The refresh rate is 72 Hz and can go up to 90Hz. It also has 62 to 72mm inter-pupillary distance adjustment.

The great things about this headset is that it is using the Pancake optical lens that will result in a wider field of view and clearer images. The PICO 4 field of view (FoV) is 105-degree which can be considered as ultra-wide FoV. This kind of lenses able to do it because it refracts and reflects lights between lenses. It also make the VR headset much lighter.

What is PICO 4 Controllers Specification?

This VR device comes together with the new HyperSense vibration controllers. The controllers have built-in broadband linear motors. And the vibration frequency can range from 50Hz to 500Hz. This specifications is enough to create realistic sense of touch and vibration when you are interacting with the objects in the virtual world.

How About PICO 4 Tracking & Positioning?

PICO 4 also has 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) spatial positioning, sub-millimeter positioning accuracy and millisecond tracking speed. This VR headset and its controllers able to improve its tracking and positioning with the help of the combination of omni-directional SLAM, infrared optical positioning system and upgraded optical sensor. All these for the more heightened VR experience.

PICO 4 Tracking and Positioning
PICO 4 Tracking and Positioning (Image: PICO)

PICO 4 also has the optional motion tracker device where you can place it at your legs to track their movements. It will make your virtual world experience to be more realistic and flexible. Furthermore, this will help a lot when you play sports games or fitness type of apps. A great way to track your workout activity in more details. Cool feature, huh?

What Processors PICO 4 VR Used?

PICO 4 used the Qualcomm XR2, 8 Cores 64 bit, 2.84 GHz and 7nm process technology.

What Type of Storage Offers for PICO 4 VR?

PICO 4 VR offers two type of storage which are 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB.

How About PICO 4 Audio Quality?

This VR headset boasts the Spatial Audio capability. It has the integrated high fidelity speaker and also dual mic. The binaural stereo speakers is equipped with sound field reconstruction technology. The sound positioning is calculated from head motion data. This results in more precise spatial audio effect.

How About the Operating System (OS) for PICO 4?

PICO 4 VR is using PICO OS 5.0 where it provides Universal Quick Access to get you quickly to your games and apps. The OS also supports real-time contact with your online friends.

PICO OS 5.0 (Image: PICO)

Where I Can Get Contents for PICO 4?

You can get your games and apps from the PICO VR Store. There is also PICO Video where you can enjoy the VR concerts, VR theatre, live games, interactive films, dynamic comics and many more. Besides, you can also access SteamVR store from PICO 4 to play the games.

How About Its Battery and Charging?

In terms of battery, it is using a high capacity 5300 mAh battery with 20W Fast Charging.

What Else About PICO 4 VR Headset?

It also has MR (Mixed Reality) capability which is the Color See-Through feature. Cool…

What is the Price of PICO 4 VR?

As of 17th October 2022, the price of PICO 4 is 429 euros (approximately USD 420) for 128 GB of storage and 499 euros (approximately USD 491) for 256 GB.


This might be a strong contender for Meta Quest 2. But for now, it will be only available at Europe and Asia countries and so far there is no release plans for US yet.

For more info, you can read it at:

  1. PICO 4 Official Website.

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