What is Pimax Crystal VR Headset & Its Specifications?

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What is Pimax Crystal VR Headset & Its Specifications?

Pimax Crystal VR Headset Specifications

One of the popular and top VR companies that produce VR headsets and hardware products is Pimax Technology from China. In this article we will share with you about one of its latest virtual reality headset which is Pimax Crystal together with its specifications and price. 

What is Pimax Crystal?

Pimax Crystal is a VR headset from Pimax Technology, a VR/AR company in China, and it will be release in year 2023. At this moment, they are taking the pre-order.

The main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this headset is that it will have the highest pixel amount among all consumer VR headset. This headset will offer 35 PPD (Pixels-Per-Degree) to its user. As a comparison, most VR headsets for consumer has around 18 PPD. You can see the difference from the image below…

Pimax Crystal PPD Comparison
Pimax Crystal PPD Comparison (Credit: Pimax)

Perhaps this video below can help you to imagine the visual capability of Pimax Crystal…

What is the Display Resolution of Pimax Crystal?

To produce life-like graphics, Pimax Crystal use the QLED (Quantum Dot LED) together with Mini LED panels. In total, this headset offers the resolution of 5,760 pixels horizontal and 2,880 pixels vertical.

In terms of lenses, this headset uses glass aspheric lenses with 35 PPD peak fidelity. It also has local-dimming feature to make the experience become more immersive. This feature can make the dark areas become dim and still maintain other areas to be bright and colorful.

Below is the specs of the display and resolution for easier reading and understanding:

  1. QLED + Mini-Led Display with 2880 x 2880 pixel per eye
  2. FOV (Field Of View): Horizontal is 125-degree and Diagonal is 140-degree.
  3. Brightness:200nit
  4. Local dimming:20000:1
  5. Colors: 100%NTSC
  6. Motion-to-Photon (MTP) Latency:15ms
  7. Refresh Rate:90Hz or 120Hz. For your info, there is also 144Hz or 160Hz but it is in Testing Mode.
  8. HDR (High Dynamic Range)

What is the Weight of Pimax Crystal?

Although looks a bit bulky, but the weight distribution is balanced accordingly so it can be comfortable for you when wearing it. The weight is nearly 1 kilogram which to be exact is 845 grams.

Is Pimax Crystal a Stand-Alone VR Headset?

Yes, Pimax Crystal is standalone VR headset and it can also be a PCVR as well. In standalone mode, you can play the games from Pimax Home. Some of the games title are like “Audio Trip“, “Crisis VRigade 2“, “Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu“, “X-Fitness” and many more.

For more choice of games, you can use the PCVR mode by streaming the game content from SteamVR. If you are going for the PCVR approach, there are minimum requirements of the PC that you must meet which are:

  1. Operating Systems: Windows 10 or Windows 11
  2. GPU: NVIDIA®️GeForce RTX 2070 and above
  3. CPU: intel i5-12500 or AMD R7-3700X and above
  4. RAM: 16GB and above
  5. Video Output: 1 x DisplayPort 1.4
  6. USB: 1 x USB-A 3.0 or 3.1. 1 x USB-A 2.0 and above

What is the Dimensions of Pimax Crystal?

Below is the dimensions of this VR headset:

  1. Width is 280.10 mm,
  2. Length is 135.90 mm and
  3. Height is 108.2 mm.

What Type of Processor or Chips Used in Pimax Crystal?

Pimax Crystal is powered by Qualcomn Snapdragon XR2 and PIMAX Customized PC VR Engine Dual-processor chips 8+256G.

How About Its Sensor and Tracking?

Pimax Crystal has eyetracking capability that can register your eyes for 120 times per second. It can also automatically adjusted the IPD (Interpupillary Distance) and also able to do foveated rendering. This headset support IPD range from 58 to 72mm.

To summarize, this headset is using the 120 Hz eye tracking system with sub-degree accuracy plus 1-dot calibration for foveated rendering.

In terms of Positional Tracking, since it has four external Depth-of-Field cameras on the headset, there is no need for base stations anymore.

How About Its Audio Quality?

This headset comes with one 3.5 mm audio jack and three microphones. It also has the optional high-fidelity DMAS headphones.

What Else with Pimax Crystal?

It also comes with its own controllers which can support OTA upgrade. Below is how the controllers look like…

Pimax Crystal with Controllers
Pimax Crystal with Controllers (Credit: Pimax)

What is the Price of Pimax Crystal?

The Pimax Crystal starts from $1,599.00. And you can pre-order it now to be in the queue list when the headset ships to the market. If you purchase it before 30th June 2023, then you can get free DMAS headphones. 


We thinks that’s all for now that we would like to share about this Pimax Crystal VR headset. For more info, you can read it at their official website.

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