What Types of Virtual Reality Jobs, Works, Careers & Occupations?

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What Types of Virtual Reality Jobs, Works, Careers & Occupations?

Virtual Reality Jobs, Works, Careers and Occupations

Let’s say you have decided to follow your passion in virtual reality. And you want to be damn serious in it. You want to be part of the VR history and give a significant impact to it. So, what types of works, careers & jobs in virtual reality industry that you can pursue? Below is the list of virtual reality jobs or occupations that are related with virtual reality.

List of Virtual Reality Jobs, Works, Careers & Occupations…

Virtual Reality Research Engineer
Performing the research related with VR in the company. You need to know in deep and detail on VR and exploring on how to improve its technology and platform in various ways. You may read the interview with Bhautik Joshi, the Senior Research Engineer in Adobe Research to know more about this job.

VR Specialists or VR Consultants
Providing your expertise in virtual reality to the company. You need to be superb and damn good in the technical aspects of VR either hardware or software part.

Programmer or Software Developer
Usually to perform the programming or coding to develop the VR applications or software. Some of the popular programming languages and tools are Unity 3D, OpenGL, DirectX, C/C++, VRML and many more. You can read the interview with Eric Nevala from Wobbly Duck Studios to understand more about this job.

System Analyst
Need to perform the brain-crushing thinking in order to design the whole end-to-end solution for virtual reality project or initiative. Later, need to translate and document all the user requirements and solution design and preparing the slides (usually in PowerPoint) for presentation.

Interaction Designer
The tasks will require the skill to design the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of the virtual reality solution. You may read the interview with Ryan Betts to know more about this career.

3D Modeler
The job is to build the 3D objects and characters which are required in the virtual environment. You need to be good in using software and tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, Renderman, Blender, Lightwave and many others.

Hardware Engineer
It can be many types of engineer such as software engineer, system engineer, hardware engineer and many others. For hardware engineer, they need to master the technical aspect of head-mounted display (HMD), haptics technology, force and tactile feedback devices and many more. We can say that this involves a lot with the ‘body’ of the VR. Some fancy job titles are Computer Vision Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Opto-Mechanical Engineer and many more.

Software Engineer
Meanwhile, for software engineers, they must be able to understand and master the application process of the VR solution and the technical programming. We can say that this involves a lot with the ‘soul and mind’ of VR. You can read how its like to work as HoloLens software engineer at Microsoft.

To train, coach and guide the people or staff on certain aspects or area on VR. Usually based on your specialization and strong skills. Perhaps, once you are already tired in the industry and want to be semi-retired, then you can opt for this kind of job.

Project Manager or Project Director
Or once you are quite senior in the industry, you can choose to take up these roles as someone who oversee the whole progress of the virtual reality projects to ensure it is delivered according to expectation and timeline. Quite a tough responsibilities but a very rewarding one.

Researcher or Scientist
You’ll stay in lab and performing the research that might change the VR history. You’ll receive grant to conduct the experiments and the funder will expect to hear the positive outcome or result that can be used in real world so it can be turn back to money (ouch!)

Lecturer, Tutor, Dean
Providing your knowledge in virtual reality to the students and the world. Perhaps, you will also involve a lot in the exciting research related with virtual reality. And later you can publish the papers that might give a significant impact to the virtual reality world.

Business Owner, CEO, Top Management, Board of Directors
If you want to take a riskier challenge, you can start your own virtual reality company to provide the VR solutions and services. Or you can dump your money in a VR company, buy big percentages of that company’s shares and become its major stakeholders and BOD (Board of Directors). Well, only certain type of people can play and survive in this ‘corporate game’. You can read the interview with Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, to know more about the nature of his job.

We hope that the list above can be a good reference especially for those fresh graduates from VR related courses or degrees and also for VR enthusiasts that is looking for future virtual reality jobs or career prospects in VR arena. If you have additional more, please put it inside the comments below so we can update the list from time to time.


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