List of Extreme Sports in VR that You Can Try At Home

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List of Extreme Sports in VR that You Can Try At Home

Extreme Sports in VR

Extreme sports in VR is a bless for those who want to experience it virtually. Extreme sports are activities that involve a high degree of risk and can be considered as dangerous also especially if it is done without any supervision or proper training. The risk comes into the form of injury to your body and might also involves death. Nevertheless, many will still do it to satisfy their hunger of excitement and to feel the adrenaline rush. We also would love to do it if we were brave enough and also if we were ‘bullet-proof‘ (ehem). Since these kind of activities are very dangerous, it is lucky that we can also feel the excitement and enthrallment of it in an alternative way which is VR or virtual reality.

What are the Benefits of having this Extreme Sports in VR?

There are few benefits of having VR for the Extreme Sports such as:

1) For those that want to try the real things for the first time, then it is a good training ground or practicing before doing the real one. At least they know what they can anticipate.

2) Furthermore, it will also give chance to handicapped people to feel at least some enjoyment of it.

3) And as we know, the cost to enjoy this extreme sport is high. So, it also can be good use for those in tight budget but still want to try it.

4) And this will also might benefit those who want to overcome their very high or unnecessary phobia towards this sport.

5) For those that really hate this sport, maybe you want to put your shoes into it so you can understand their insight or perspective on this sports.

And we have also compiled the list of good VR video for the very high risk extreme sport that you can try. Since mobile VR using Cardboard technology is much more accessible for most people, so at this moment, we only pick those materials from Youtube. The Youtube videos that we choose are those that can be viewed in the stereoscopic VR mode (those that have VR headset icon) and the one that you can move your head in 360 degree to see what’s around you. And definitely, we try to get the one in the HD (High Definition) format, 4K or 8K so we can view it better in the VR headset.

Rock or Wall Climbing
The view must be absolutely stunning from the top. But the higher you are up there, the higher the risk of you falling down and break your bones (or neck). Ouch!

The feeling of riding the wave must be super-duper cool. But the waves can also be crazy sometimes and might gobble you up.

Scuba Diving
It is very wonderful experience to see the coral and beautiful fish and turtle swimming around you. Somehow, the risk involve are like drowning or something happen to your oxygen tank. But if you go for proper training, you can minimize the risk. Get license first.

Floating in the open space up in the high sky must be wonderful. But it is really panic when suddenly your parachute does not open in the middle of your downfall.

It is really feel like superhero and ninja feeling when you can jump from building to building. However, if you have one wrong footing or timing, you might drop from high building straight to the hard ground. Splash!

Bungee Jumping
To jump from that height and swing when reach at the bottom must be something that you can never forget. Just make sure that the equipment is in good condition, else the old rope might cut or the grip becoming loose at leg.

Water Rafting
Getting up and down, up and down in the fast flowing river might be exciting. However, if it is too rocky, we might fell down and drowning.

The feeling of flying like a bird must be something wonderful. The power to control must be there or else we might fell off or hit the rock. Worse case if the strong wind blow us to the different direction.

Shark Cage
This is a must do activity for the “Jaws” or “Meg” movies fan. The risk if the shark is so strong and ramp up our cage or bite our hand or body.

This activity should be safe. But it will become risky depending on your location such as hill with road that is too narrow. You might fall down from the hill or cliff if you are not careful.

Cave Diving
The thrill of being in the dark and small cave is something that only some people can appreciate. Not for those who is very claustrophobic and fear of space. The risk is when you incidentally go down to the wrong path then suddenly your body become stuck and you cannot get out from it.

The cool motorcycle high jump and cornering will excite most of us. But to jump over vehicles or over the hill might cause a great risk if you cannot make the jump.

If it is at normal slope, then it should be fine. But if from the high mountain at the great speed, then it will be something else. You might fall down and causing snowball. Or it will become much more dangerous if suddenly there is avalanche happening.

Ski Jumping
This is another type of sports that can make you feel flying like a bird in the middle of the jump. But, if you land it wrongly, you will most probably get serious injury.

To go down the road in a small vehicle in the speed will really excite us. Be extra careful when you are at the corner or else you will steer of the road. Worst if suddenly, you are head on with the incoming vehicles.

We are very thankful to those who captured and recorded their experience in the VR format and thus produced the videos above for us to enjoy from the comfort of our home. Nevertheless, it is not to say that VR is fully safe 100%. There are also risk like bumping on wall or fell down on the floor. In 2017, there is one unfortunate case in Russia where one guy died due to VR because he fall down on the glass desk, cut himself and then died on the spot from loss of blood.

Is there any more extreme sports in VR that you can suggest? Feel free to add it in comment below. For your info, the above image by dgchpy0 from Pixabay


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