Can VR Movies or Films be Mainstream?

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Can VR Movies or Films be Mainstream?

Recently we came across an article from Mashable that discuss on the VR movies. We think it triggers a very interesting question on the future of movies in this format and whether it can be successful with the current approach.

Just to share, we have also watched some VR short films ourselves and some of them are very good such as “Dreams of Dali” and also some videos from Discovery Channel. It would be nice if all of the moviegoers experienced watching them.

On the VR movies, it is quite worrisome because the takeup rate of 3D movies at cinema also is quite low. Furthermore, some of the big companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung already shutdown their 3D TVs production line.

It seems that the consumer market does not really care whether the show has depth or not. As long as they can enjoy the movies with their heart, mind and soul although it is in 2D format.

How to Improve Experience Watching the VR Movies?

Perhaps, the main challenge is with the headset used when watching the VR films. It is the feeling of being disconnected from other viewers when watching them together with us. And we need to wear the gear all the time. Even with the normal TV, we don’t hold the remote control all the time in our hand.

Perhaps, one idea to overcome this is by having a VR Dome instead of VR Headset. The dome setup must be easily activated like the convertible car. And no 3D glasses are required for this. The idea is to make the body free from holding anything.

Another idea to make VR films to be mainstream are to find the type of movies that viewer want to feel the experience or documentary based. The feeling after finish watching the VR movies must be compelling and satisfy the viewer enough until they voluntarily promote these VR movies via social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter until it become super viral and people willing to buy the VR headset or D-I-Y it.

Next issue is on the awareness to the public. The VR movies also must have a trailer that is viralled and spread enough to not just VR specific community but also to other people who is new or not expose yet to VR. Perhaps few digital billboards can contribute on the campaign and marketing of this movies. So it can trigger enough excitement for the new market to try it.

To answer the question above, yes it may be possible to make VR movies to be mainstream. It’s the same as making the on-demand channel such as Netflix and iFlix to be mainstream like today.

The hope and aspiration is that, one day movies and films in VR format will be a norm. Perhaps in the near future, there will be one killer content, just one, that can make VR movies a mainstream. Just like what “Pokemon Go” has done to AR (Augmented Reality) industry for entertainment sector.

Perhaps, you have more ideas on how to improve the situation. You may share it in the comments below for discussion 🙂

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